Frost Mage PvE: High Warlord Naj’entus

High Warlord Naj’entus is the first boss in the Black Temple. He is the Naga Lord, male naga warriors with shells and other sea creatures fused to their bodies. They have no visible eyes and a large hermit crab for a hand.

Naj’entus’s main attacks does Physical Damage and he also does AoE Frost Damage. He doesn’t hit very hard on tanks (around 3.5k on plate), and his 8 minute enrage timer, which can be very problematic. This is a very healing intensive fight, and at the same time, a DPS race. He will start wiping the raid when he enrages.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 3,800,000
  • Enrage Timer – 8 minutes


  • Needle Spine: 3 Random targets in a cone shape each take 3188-4312 physical and additionally deal 2375-2625 Frost Damage AoE within 6 yards.
  • Impaling Spine: Random single target, 4513-4987 physical damage plus a 30 sec DoT for 2750 every 3 seconds plus stun, 20 sec cooldown, lootable.
  • Tidal Shield: Renders Naj’entus immune to everything, regenerates health, deals 8500 Frost Damage to all raid members when broken, 60 sec cooldown.
  • Enrage: After 8 minutes damage increased by 500% and attack speed by 150%.

Recommended Consumables:

The Major Frost Protection Potion is for emergency uses only. Use only when the raid bursts Naj’entus’s shield and you are low on health.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Very Friendly
  • Cooldowns: Save Ice Block and Cold Snap to use on Tidal Shield

Naj’entus does mainly Frost Damage to the raid, and your pet will be immune to all of it. The Water Elemental will not be targeted by Needle Spine or by Impaling Spine. You can just summon away and not worry about keeping your pet alive. Keep your Ice Block and Cold Snaps for Tidal Shield since that does the most damage.

Stay spread out to avoid taking any unnecessary damage from Needle Spine. Keep Ice Barrier and Frost Ward up to help mitigate any raid damage you may receive. Your healers will thank you for this. Be aware of the players around you. Be prepared to do some looting and throwing.

Every 20 seconds Naj’entus shoots a large coral cone at a random raid member. The spine paralyzes and damages its target until it’s removed by another raid member. When somebody is hit by a spine, it must be immediately looted by a nearby raid member. This is very important because players can be easily killed by this ability. You CANNOT Ice Block out of Impaling Spine. Here is a macro to have to announce when you have been hit by an Impaling Spine. Anything to let your raid members know to loot the spine off of you.

/Raid ——- SPINE ON UTADA!! ——-

Every 60 seconds, Naj’entus casts a Tidal Shield, which makes him immune to all damage, and regenerates his health. He stops throwing needle spines for 10 seconds after casting the shield, but continues to melee. The shield can be broken by throwing an impaling spine looted earlier at it. If you have looted a [Naj'entus Spine] from your raid members earlier, then it is important that you be ready to throw the spine when called for. When the shield is broken, the shield deals 8500 frost damage to the entire raid, everybody must be at top health before the spine is thrown. Have Ice Barrier and Frost Ward up for this to reduce the amount of damage you will take. Use this macro for when you are called upon to use the spine.

/use Naj’entus spine

Blow your cooldowns after you get five stacks of Winter’s Chill up, and wait for the first Tidal Shield. If you don’t have a spine to throw, wait until they call for the raid to throw their spines. Use your Ice Block at that moment to avoid taking the 8,500 damage. Saving your healers some precious mana and time. Take this time to use Cold Snap to summon your Water Elemental out again, and another use of Icy Veins. Save this Ice Block for when you are under 8,500 health for another Tidal Shield.

Stay alive, and keep DPSing as hard as you can to beat the 8 minute enrage timer. Always be away of the raid members around you. You will never know when the person next to you will be hit with Impaling Spine.

Mage Loots:

All these drops are worth picking up. The ring a really nice ring to pick up. It has no stats on it, but it has a good amount of Spell Hit, Spell Crit, and Spell Damage. Slippers will last you until Sunwell Plateau. Maelstrom’s Fury is very good if you are going with Main-hand/Off-hand combo.

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