Frost Mage PvE: Rage Winterchill

Rage Winterchill is the first boss you encounter in the Battle for Mount Hyjal. Rage is a powerful Lich, and uses Frost Magic along with his own Necromantic Spells.

Rage has a very high resistance to Frost Spells, so Fire Mages have an advantage over Frost Mages here, but a respec is not needed. Rage is considered very easy, and you can still do very good DPS as Frost.

Rage doesn’t hit very hard on tanks (around 3k on plate) and the 10 minute enrage timer is pretty much a non-factor. It does however require fast reaction time by raid members and healers, due to the amount of raid damage he does.

Lady Jaina Proudmore and the Alliance soldiers at the base camp can also be used to help DPS him down. Jaina herself can do around 250,000 damage, and the Alliance soldiers also doing around a combined 250,000 damage. Just be aware that when you bring Jaina into the fight, that she will also be taking damage from Rage.

If Jaina dies, the boss will reset and you will have to wait five minutes for her to respawn before you can start the waves of trash again. So make sure you bring her in at the right time. Too early she might die, too late, and she won’t be able to help as much.

Jaina also provide a Brilliance Aura to anyone within 30 yards of her, which increases their Spirit by 100%. So bringing her into the fight not only add extra damage to Rage, but provides extra mana regen to the healers and casters.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 4,200,000
  • Mana Pool – 1,160,100
  • Enrage Timer – 10 minutes


  • Frost Nova: around 3,000 damage plus 6 second AoE freeze, dispellable.
  • Frost Armor: Exactly like a mages Frost Armor, which reduces movement and melee attack speed after melee hits.
  • Icebolt: instant cast, random target, 4250-5750 frost damage plus freeze debuff which also deals 2500 damage every second for 4 seconds.
  • Death and Decay: 10 seconds, 20 yard AoE centered on the ground at a random target, dealing 15% of max health as damage per second to each player in range.
  • Enrage: After 10 minutes damage increased by 500% and attack speed by 150%.

Recommended Consumables:

With the Elixir of Empowerment, it will bring down your Spell Resist % on Rage from around 30% down to around 10% or lower. It is still at a high resist rate, but it is a huge difference from before.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: No need to save

Rage does mostly Frost Damage which your pet is Immuned to. You do have to look out for Death and Decay, and if you and your pet are standing in it, you must run out immediately. There is no need to save your cooldowns for this fight, pop them early, and keep popping them whenever they are up. If you see that you are being targeted by Icebolt, you can use Ice Block to avoid taking any damage if you are fast enough.

Stay at maxed range, and DPS your heart out. Your tank should have no problems holding agro. Just keep an eye out for Death and Decay. Keep Ice Barrier and Frost Ward up for when you get hit by Frost Nova or Icebolt. If you get Frost Nova’d, don’t bother trying to escape, Rage won’t ever cast Death and Decay in an area where he just Nova’d. Save your Blinks.

For Icebolt, you can use a number of ways to escape from it. As a Mage, you will have no problems surviving this attack. Try to be aware, and use Ice Block if you see him target you (boss mods have agro warnings), and Ice Block as soon as this happens to avoid taking any damage. If your Ice Block is on cooldown, don’t sweat it. You can take the intial damage, and then Blink out of the stun to avoid taking any additional damage. If you are a Gnome, Escape Artist will work, and if you have your PvP Trinket, that will also work to get you out of the stun.

Stay near Jaina as best as you can. If you usually run out of mana, use Mage Armor and Jaina will make sure you never run out of mana. If you are good on mana, they stick with Molten Armor. 100% boost to your Spirit comes in very handy, not only for mana regen, but also increases your spell damage. With Improved Divine Spirit, you should be around 400 Spirit, and around 800 Spirit with Jaina. That makes it an increase of 80 spell damage.

Mage Loots:

Both drops are good to pick up and both will last you through all of Hyjal and Black Temple. Well get the Off-hand if you have a good Main-hand or plan on going for a combo over a staff. Otherwise save your DKP or pass to other casters.

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  • Nick S said:

    i was always a sad panda on our rage-farming runs.

    we’d do trash for easy epics 3 or 4 times and i’d stay right up there with the warlocks, then we’d kill rage and i’d drop down to 3rd or 4th thanks to her super-high frost resistance. annoying.


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