Frost Mage PvE: Supremus

Supremus is an abyssal, and the second boss you will encounter in the Black Temple. Abyssals are demonic constructs similar to infernals, but made from rougher, more jagged material and burn with a red or blue flame instead of a green one.” –

If you can beat Naj’entus and clear your way to Supremus, then your raid is more than ready for Supremus. Naj’entus was the “ready check” for Black Temple to see if the raid was geared enough.

Supremus is pretty much just free loot for making it past Naj’entus and the trash (that slime room is tough!). The Loot Reaver of Black Temple, so to speak.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 4,550,000
  • Enrage Timer – 15 minutes


  • Molten Flame: Blue-flamed fire sent along the ground in a straight line toward random players that deals 3325-3675 fire damage every second.
  • Hateful Strike: A massive melee ability applied to the second highest melee player on his aggro list.
  • Gaze: Supremus will target a random player and follow that target around for 10 seconds at 90% of normal movement speed.
  • Molten Punch: Once a targeted player is within a 40 yard range, Supremus will do a knockback ability for 5250 damage.
  • Volcanic Geyser: Supremus will summon small volcanoes that spit out blue flames for 4163-4837 fire damage in a 15 yard radius.
  • Enrage: After 15 minutes damage increased by 500% and attack speed by 150%.

Recommended Consumables:

Anything to up your DPS is advised. Mana potions may be used if you find yourself running low on mana frequently. It is a very long fight.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: No need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Pets will occasionally be Gazed by Supremus and most likely will be one-shotted. No need to try to save your Water Elemental by making him follow you to safety if targeted by Gaze. The DPS loss from you keeping your pet alive will be more than the DPS loss of letting your pet die. Pop your cooldowns early, and often.

During Phase one, it is just a simple tank and spank. Keep your aggro below the Main Tank and you will be fine. If you see a blue flame going towards you, move yourself and your pet away from it. It would kill you and your pet if you just stand there.

During Phase two, things get fun. Supremus will Gaze at a random player and start walking his way towards that person. If he manages to get close enough to the player, his melee hit will one-shot that person (unless that person is a tank/off-tank).

As a Mage, if you get Gazed, you can simply Blink away and give yourself a huge running start. Don’t try to get yourself cornered, and spam Ice Lance while you are running away to keep up your Winter’s Chill debuff. DON’T Ice Block. Ice Blocking will make him target the next closest person to him, and that person will probably die. He will switch Gaze targets every 10 seconds or so, so be prepared to move.

He will also spawn random Volcanoes that spit out lava and do a lot of AoE damage. If you see one spawning near you (looks like a flame strike animation), Blink away from that area as fast as you can. It can easily kill you. Phase two lasts for about 60 seconds, then goes back to Phase one again. He doesn’t drop aggro, so make sure you keep an eye on your meters.

With a 15 minute enrage timer, Supremus is a survival fight, not a DPS race. The raid just needs to be able to stay alive and and slowly chip away at his health until he dies.

Mage Loot:

Only one piece of caster loot from this giant rock boss. It is a nice belt, and one the first piece of Haste gear you can get in Black Temple. It is slightly better than the belt you can get from Mt. Hyjal (depending on your stats) and will last you until you can get your Tier 6 Belt.


To make this boring fight even more interesting, my guild added a small twist to the fight (if the raid is willing to participate). This is only meant for guilds who has had Supremus on farm for a few weeks.

  • Place Bet: Pick who you think is going to be the first person to die. Must be done by sending a tell to a designated person, who will write down your pick and collect your gold (5 or 10g a person).
  • Win Bet: If that person dies to Gaze or Volcano, you win the pot! It can’t be a tank dying during Phase 1 from lack of heals, only during Phase 2 from lack of not moving.
  • Person Dying: To prevent players from “cheating” and betting on a friend who will die on purpose, anyone who dies to Gaze or Volcano, can’t collect any loot.

[Image and General Strategy used was taken from]

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