Frost Mage PvE: Magtheridon

Magtheridon, the former Lord of Outland, is a pit lord who conquered the ruins of the orcish homeworld following its destruction.

His reign was ended by the arrival of Illidan Stormrage, who took Magtheridon’s throne at the Black Temple for himself.

Deciding that Magtheridon would have a further part to play, Illidan had Magtheridon’s body dragged to the Hellfire Citadel where he imprisoned the pit lord, leaving him at the mercy of the fel orcs. It seems that Illidan is keeping Magtheridon alive for the sole reason of creating more fel orcs under his rule.

Magtheridon was dragged all the way to Hellfire Peninsula and is locked up in a lair created for him underneath Hellfire Citadel, his blood being used to create fel orcs for Illidan Stormrage. His wardens are mainly orcs. While he is not an ally of Illidan, he remains a powerful tool.” –

Magtheridon’s Lair is a quick raid instance much like Onyxia’s Lair pre-TBC. Clear a couple small group of mobs, then you are at the final encounter. The first phase is a DPS check, and after that, is dependent on raid execution.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 4,800,000
  • Enrage Timer – 22 minutes
  • Tauntable


  • Quake: A knockback that hits every player every second for 7 seconds. The first cast occurs 40 seconds after Magtheridon activates
  • Blast Nova: 2,500 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds to every player in the lair. 60 second cooldown.
  • Cleave: Standard cleave, can hit for 8000 on the main tank.
  • Berserk: After twenty minutes, Brutallus enrages and deals 500% more damage with 150% more attack speed.

Recommended Consumables:

Anything to up your DPS is advised. Mana potions may be used if you find yourself running low on mana frequently. It is a very long fight.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: No need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Your pet will not be affected by Magetheridon’s Quake, but can be killed by his Blast Nova. Your raid “shouldn’t” be getting hit by Blast Nova though, so in a good raid, the Water Elemental should be fine. You don’t need to save your Cold Snap, just make sure you have an Ice Block ready for Phase 3.

During Phase 1, you have to kill five Channelers in the room, in order depending on your raid leader. The Channelers each can do a Shadowbolt Volley, and Dark Mending which is a heal. Keep Ice Barrier up to absorb the damage from the Shadowbolt Volleys which didn’t get interrupted. Keep a Counterspell ready for Dark Mendings. Infernals will be summoned on the raid, so spread out a bit. The Infernals can be Frost Nova’d if you need to get away from one. They do proximity Fire Damage to anyone near them. They can also be Banished by Warlocks. Assist train down all the Channelers as fast as you can. Phase 2 begins in two minutes regardless if all the Channelers are dead or not.

During Phase 2, make sure you finish off any remaining Channelers. During this phase, Magtheridon will do Blast Nova every 60 seconds which does 2,500 damage every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds. Which means he can wipe the raid with this move. To counter this, the raid must use the cubes which are placed where the Channelers were standing when you first walked in. The five cubes must be clicked simultaneously in order to interrupt Magtheridon from casting Blast Nova.

Cube Clicking:

If you are assigned as a cube clicker, you need to stand near your cube at all times. If you have boss mods which have timers on when he will do Blast Nova, it will make things easier. If he uses Quake and knocks you away from your cube, you can use Blink to quickly get back to your assigned cube. Have Magtheridon targeted at all times, so you can see when he is going to cast Blast Nova.

To use the cube, you simply have to stand close to the cube, and right-click the cube ONCE. You will then start channeling the cube. Once all five cubes are being channeled, Magtheridon’s Blast Nova will be interrupted. Then you can move to cancel the channeling. During the cube channeling, you will start taking periodic damage, so make sure you don’t click too early, and release the channel as soon as you see that his Blast Nova has been interrupted. You get a debuff which will not allow you to click on the cube again for another 30 seconds.

If you do happen to be assigned to be a clicker and you somehow find yourself dead. Make sure you have a macro to send a warning to the raid to let them know that you need someone to replace you as a clicker! One cube not getting click means a wipe. Have something like this:

/raid ******Utada down!******
/raid **Need Clicker at Cube #5**

*optional* Depending on how your raid leader wants to kill Magtheridon, you may be asked to channel the cube for as long as possible. When all five cubes are being channeled, Magtheridon will take increased damage, and will go down faster. You will need healers to keep the clickers alive since they will be taking periodic damage.

Phase 3 begins when Magtheridon hits 30% health. He will start destroying the room and the roof will start falling on the raid. It will hit the raid for around 6,500 damage and will stun you for 2 seconds. This is where you would use Ice Block to avoid taking any damage at all. Only thing different in this phase is that there will be random spots with Fire that will burn you if you get knocked into it by Quake. Also there will be random debris falling from the ceiling, so if you see a shadow on you with an animation of small rocks falling on you, move before something big falls on you.

If your raid can successfully execute the cube clicking, he will be dead in no time. Then you can collect some good loot.

Mage Loots:

The chest piece is nice to have if you are not a tailorer for the T4 set bonuses. The ring from turning in his head will be nice if you are short on Spell Hit. Pick up the wand or off-hand if they are an upgrade for you. Go for the gloves if you aren’t going for the tier sets. The bag isn’t really Mage loot, but it’ll be nice to have. It will probably be rolled off, so good luck on that.

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