Frost Mage PvE: Moroes

Moroes, the Tower Steward, is an undead rogue boss found in Karazhan. He seems to have retained much of his personality during life.

Moroes is accompanied by four level 70 elite undead mobs; these four mobs are picked randomly from a list of six possibles mobs. Along with four special invited patrons, Moroes fights any uninvited guests to the death.

Moroes is the second boss and the first mandatory boss found in this raid instance, and his defeat allows access to the Opera Event. –

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 380,000
  • Immune to Taunt Effects


  • Vanish: Vanishes without dropping aggro.
  • Garrote: A physical DoT applied to a random player character after Vanish. Deals 1000 damage every three seconds for five minutes.
  • Blind: A poison-based disorient effect that lands on Moroes’ closest non-tank target.
  • Gouge: A physical stun on Moroes’ current target. Breaks on damage. Moroes attacks the target with the second-highest threat while his primary target is stunned.
  • Enrage: At 30% health, Moroes Enrages, increasing his damage.
  • Berserk: After a certain amount of time Moroes frenzies and throws daggers at random raid members.

Moroes’ Guests:

  • Lady Catriona Von’linda is a holy priest who is very low on HP and armor. She should usually be the first to die in almost any case as she is easily dealt with quickly and will heal the other guests and Moroes if left alive.
  • Lady Keira Berrybuck is a holy paladin and does not deal much damage. However, she does heal herself, Moroes, and the other guests making her one of the less dangerous guests, but should be one of the first to die in most cases. She also casts Blessing of Might on herself and others.
  • Baroness Borothea Milstipe is a shadow priest with very little HP and armor. However, she can deal quite a bit of damage very quickly. She has a 6000 Mana Burn which should make her usually the second to die for fear of her mana burning one of the healers.
  • Baron Rafe Drueger is a retribution paladin and is one of the most dangerous adds. Depending on your number of priests and tanks he will probably need to be Shackled at the beginning of the fight and then killed later on once the other adds are dealt with.
  • Lord Robin Daris is a mortal strike warrior and is arguably the most aggravating of any of the six possible guests. He should be crowd controlled until most other mobs are dead and then dealt with by kiting him around the room. His Mortal Strike can hit excruciatingly hard and will easily one shot most members of your raid.
  • Lord Crispin Ference is a protection warrior and is one of the less harmful guests. However, due to his large amount of hp, armor, and his use of Shield Wall, it is suggested to either have a warrior tank or have him kited around the room until a Shackle or another crowd control option is available for him.

Recommended Consumables:

Anything to up your DPS is advised. Mana potions may be used if you find yourself running low on mana frequently.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Very Friendly
  • Cooldowns: Save your Ice Block and Cold Snap to use on Garrote

Moroes won’t attack pets unless they are second on threat or pull aggro, so your Water Elemental will be safe. You can just summon away and not worry about keeping your pet alive. Keep your Ice Block and Cold Snaps for Garrote since that does the most damage, plus it will save your healers a lot of mana and time.

His guests will be CC’d and Off-Tanked, and you will be following the kill order set by the group. The guests can be frozen, so you can set up Shatter Combos using your pet for additional DPS. Make sure to interrupt any important spells they may cast (heals, mana burns). Kill the adds in order until you are told to start DPS on Moroes.

Moroes will occasonally Gouge the Main Tank and go after whoever is second in threat, so it is a good idea to stay below the Off-Tank at all times. DPS him steadily while keeping yourself alive through Garrote, and you will have him down in no time. Finish off any remaining adds, and collect your loot.

Mage Loots:

Grab the belt if you are in need of an upgrade. Best thing about the belt is that it matches the T4 Set perfectly (for those of you who care about how your Mage looks). The cloak has good stats, and a good amount of damage. There is another cloak that drops in Kara with Spell Hit on it, if it is not a big upgrade for you, hold out for the other cloak. The neck is perfect for any Mage still looking to cap their Spell Hit rating. Grab it if you can.

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  • River said:

    I’m in the progress of leveling a frost mage. Thanks so much for these guides and tips. I love me some spicytunas :)

  • Niah said:

    Until recently I’ve been taking my spriest into Kara for the shackle and having a mana battery around, but wanted to bring my mage along to start gearing her up a little. Without the shackle though we were a little short on CC, and those who have done Moroes know it’s a pretty CC intensive fight.
    Fortunately as a frost mage you have the advantage of being your own CC but causing damage at the same time, and that’s through kiting one of the adds as they are susceptable to being slowed. What you do need though is all of your CD’s and some intelligent use of the Frost Novas at your disposal. Here’s how I did it (and worked quite well :o )

    Have your target allocated to you (preferably either Rafe or Crispin) then as soon as the fight starts cast a full rank Frostbolt to get some agg and slow him down.
    Summon your WE and use it’s ranged FN to freeze him in place for 8 secs.
    Just before it breaks, hit him with a rank 1 Frostbolt to keep him slowed.
    Use your personal FN to freeze him for another 8 secs, strafe to max range, and FBrank1 again just as it breaks.
    Blink, FBrank1 again to maintain the slowing effect, and move around until your WE has CD on his ranged FN, use it to freeze him in place again.
    Hit him with a full rank FB to make sure you’re still 1st on his agg table.
    Let him come within range, hit FN, strafe away.
    Cold snap – you now have your WE and FN back.

    Basically repeat the above now, you can keep one of the adds out long enough this way easily until the rest of the group is ready to take it out.

    Hope this helps – bit long winded but if you’re short on CC in the Moroes fight a frost mage is a perfectly viable option to keep one of them out of the equation long enough.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Niah

    I’ve been actually asked to kite Crispin around while the rest of the raid took down the other targets first. Being Frost makes it easy to keep him busy (and at a distance) until the rest of the raid is ready to kill him.


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