WotLK Beta: Aesthetic Changes

There are many things that Blizzard has put into the game to make your character different from the rest of the WoW population. Aside from how you made your character look when you first created him or her, WoW in the current form, has included other ways to make your character “stand out” from the crowd. In the expansion, Blizzard has added even more ways.

Barber Shop:

The easiest way to change your character, and now there are even more styles to choose from. If you are an Undead, not only can you change to another Undead hair style, but you can also choose hair styles from other races. Want your Undead Mage to have Gnome Pigtails? Now you can!

These Barber Shops are located in the Major Cities, and each makeover will put a dent in your wallet. It cost me around 40g just for a the Pigtails!.

New Titles:

A little bit more difficult to obtain if you want a specific title. With the expansion, you can obtain new titles through achievements other than PvE quest lines or topping the Arena rankings. Some are pretty easy to obtain like exploring all of Azeroth and Outland to get the title of “Explorer”. Then there are some which requires a lot of time or grinding such as 100,000 Honorable Kills for the titles “of the Alliance” or “of the Horde”.

New Mounts:

Tired of being the 50th person on your server to have the [Amani War Bear]? Well in the expansion, there should be a large variety of mounts to choose from. Flying Carpets for Tailorers, Motorcycles for Engineers, or the many others listed on MMO-Champion.com.

Next up, Aesthetic Change for Mages!

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