WotLK Beta: The Fall of Humanity

As you may already know from MMO-Champion’s Blues Tracker, we’ll be seeing some updates to the Racial Abilities in WotLK. I’ve always thought they should have updated this a long time ago, but hey, better late than never. You can also see the original WotLK Beta forum post here.

One Racial Ability in particular caught my attention. Not only because I’m a Human, but because of how powerful this ability is. I’ve always envied the Undead’s Racial of Will of the Forsaken, but now, I could potentially have something equally powerful, if not more powerful. The Fall of Humanity gives all Humans the ability to Feign Death every 5 minutes.

As a Human, I believe we have one of the best PvE Racial Abilities already, Diplomacy. With The Fall of Humanity, we’ll have another good PvE ability. The Feign Death will drop all aggro that is on you (if it doesn’t get resisted) and all the aggro will be back again once you cancel the effect. Kind of like how Ice Block temporarily drops aggro on you. Another “oh $h!t” button for me.

For PvP, the new racial will be very useful. It will work pretty much identical as the Hunter’s Feign Death, and will be used to cause your opponent to drop their target off of you. Great for using right before your opponent is about to finish casting their big nuke on you. Another good use is for getting away from an opponent’s pet. Haha Fel Puppies! I will delay my death just a tiny bit longer now!

If you compare it to the best Racial Abilities of all the other Races, I believe it will be ranked up there as one of the best. Good thing I made a Human Mage!

I’m glad that Blizzard is updating the Racial Abilities, but it is very unfair to the players to introduce this now so late into the game. Especially for abilities that are very powerful in PvP. Players who have Gnome or Draenei Mages already at level 70 might wish they had rolled a Human instead now. Although it might break all the rules of RP or Lore, they really should have some sort of Race changing option or something.

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  • Aurdon said:

    The sudden change in racial abilities does concern me. I don’t see why this upset was necessary. This will simply cause QQ in most cases.

    One thing is for sure…I’m going to have to reweigh my DK choice between Tauren and Undead.

  • Kestrel said:

    I guess I don’t see it as “late in the game” if it’s at the start of WotLK. OTOH, I wish some racial abilities had never existed: Night Elf wisp form comes to mind. Convenient? Yes. Useful? Not really, unless you’re in a group or raid of all NEs.

    Back on point: Feign Death will make being a human holy priest a bit more viable (in the true sense of the word). I’ve always envied the NE priest’s star shards; now, perhaps, I’ll have something equally useful to bring to a fight.

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  • Muckbeast said:

    I am sorta confused why they bothered. Why tinker with something like race abilities so late? Why not come up with a way for people to pick up one or two of those powers (from a list) depending on their preference? Or assign point costs to them, and let people “buy” the ones they want? Then it will definitely be fair.

    Didn’t they learn anything from the previous imbalances with the racial abilities? Or with the fear ward thing for priests? *boggle*

    Also, are you sure humans keep diplomacy? It looks like those new racial abilities replace the old ones – including diplomacy.

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  • Tuna (Author) said:
    Q u o t e:
    Wait, so… did Humans lose sword/mace spec (expertise), or is this just not a concise list?


    It’s only a list of changes, anything not mentioned didn’t change.

    This was Kalgan’s response to existing Racials which hasn’t been listed.

  • Muckbeast said:

    Aha. Well that’s interesting.

    It still boggles me why they’d do this. For the reasons you mention, and many others.

    If they really wanted to get those powers in the game, there are probably better ways to do it.

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  • Mama Druid said:

    Combined with the human racial bonus to swords, this makes my desire for a human Death Knight that much more yummy.

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