Introduction: Soul Eater (part one)

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Number of Episodes: Unknown
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Synopsis: Set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon technicians, the series revolves around 3 groups of each a weapon technician and a human weapon. Trying to make the latter a “Death Scythe” and thus fit for use by the Shinigami, they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and 1 witch.

They are the students of Shinigami Technical School. Each one has a different weapon companion. All students and weapons attend class and are given homework to do. Homework mainly consists of getting a certain soul or maintaining peace in the world.

Each meister tries their best to help their weapon reach death scythe status so they can be used by Shinigami-sama. The meisters have a rating system that goes from one to three stars which usually measures soul energy. It is important that the meister and weapon can tune their “soul frequency” to perform high level attacks and bring out the weapon’s full power.


Information: The Soul Eater manga series started serialization in 2003 in the Japanese manga magazine Monthly Shounen Gangan published by Square Enix. As of March 2008, eleven volumes have gone on sale in Japan and is still continuing.

The series will be made into an anime and air on April 7th 2008, it will be broadcast every Monday at 6 pm in Japan on TV Tokyo. It will be animated by Bones. The opening theme song will be sung by T.M.Revolution, called ‘Resonance’.

The official Japanese website of the Soul Eater anime series has announced that each episode will air in two different versions: the regular Monday 6:00 p.m. version and a late-night “Soul Eater Late Show” version with added special footage. The dual broadcast of this supernatural action series is being billed as the “world’s first evening and late-night resonance broadcast.”

The “resonance” term refers to a story concept in which the characters, such as the heroine Maka and her living weapon partner Soul Eater, achieve maximum power by synchronizing their souls.

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Thoughts: Like I said in my Spring 2008 post, this series caught my attention the most, and has got me all excited for the new season. I seem to be attracted to all animes which feature “Shinigamis” or “Death Gods” like: Bleach, Death Note, and Shakugan no Shana (to some extent).

I also like the whole concept of this series. Each team consist of a Meister and their Human Weapon partner. The Human Weapon is exactly how it sounds, will turn into a weapon for the Meister to wield and fight with. The more the partners are in sync, the more powerful their attacks become.

This is just a general introduction to the series. I will do a more in-depth introduction to the series in part 2 with more on plot, characters, weapons, attacks, and such with more pictures. So look forward to that :)

Final Thoughts: I am considering to do a weekly blog on this series when it gets aired. I usually watch my weekly dose of animes and talk about them on other blogs, might as well write one up for myself. May this coming anime season be as enjoyable as the last.

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