My Drawing of Orihime Inoue

During the past two months, I’ve attended quite a few Anime Conventions, and each time I visit the Artist Galleries, it makes me want to start drawing again. Growing up, I’ve always been told that I have a natural artistic talent, but I’ve always lacked drive and motivation.

Now a few days later from attending the latest convention, I happen to log onto Facebook for the first time in a long time, and stumbled upon one of my old drawings I’ve done. Again, it makes me want to draw, but I have yet made time to start it up.

Orihime from Bleach

I don’t remember what possessed me to sit down and draw this, but I remember it taking about 2 hours to complete. I do remember where the picture is from though. I remember reading a chapter from the Bleach manga, and seeing this cute picture of Orihime Inoue sitting at her school desk, and wanting to draw that.

I guess the lack of drawing supplies forced me to use other mediums to accomplish my goal. From the date of the drawing, I drew it over a year ago, and I used some Graffiti Facebook application. Back then I used to go on that site everyday, now it is more like once a month.

I did it using only a computer mouse. A Logitech MX Lazer to be exact. Oh boy was that a pain in the butt to draw. I should really get myself one of those drawing mouse and mouse pad thingies. Maybe something like the Graphire Wireless, but you know, 10 x cheaper. Any recommendations?

Despite only having a mouse, and not knowing any drawing techniques (using frames, guidelines, etc…), I really liked how the final product turned out.

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  • amy said:

    Wow that picture is soo cute! Its a Chibi Inoue!! Shes my favorite Bleach character. Next is probably Rukia or Yachiru, you know, incase you feel like drawing anytime soon :)

  • itachigo89 said:

    I remember seeing this picture while reading the manga (it was one of the author’s side comment panel I think), and you have done an awesome job with. I am truely amazed that you were able to do that with just a mouse. I’ve been reading on your site for quite some time, and this is much better than your MS paint pictures of your Arena matches :)

  • ashlee101 said:

    Inoue definately is very cute in that drawing! Good job!