Won Me a Chocobo Mount

chocobo.pngOkay, not nearly as cute as this picture, but I won myself a sweet new mount. The [Swift White Hawkstrider]. This bird mount dropped off of Kael’thas Sunstrider in Heroic Magister’s Terrace for our group, and I won with the highest roll. w00t!

Its not as pretty as the mount you get from the Druid epic flight form quest, but its nice to have a different mount as everyone else. There is already eight guildies with the Bear Mount already from ZA so the Hawkstrider is nice to have.

I haven’t noticed any big differences between Heroic and Normal modes for Magister’s Terrace. Other than the fact that the mobs hit harder, I don’t think there is any changes in fight mechanics of each boss fight. There are enough good loot in the instance to make it worth farming it on Heroic everyday.

Next on my list to get: [Phoenix Hatchling] and [Orb of the Sin'dorei].


Oh I remembered to Fraps the fight between Madrigosa and Brutallus in the Sunwell Plateau this time. I missed a bit of the beginning of the fight, and I did a horrible job with the camera work, but you can still see what is going on. I’ll work on the video later tomorrow. Don’t expect any flashy intro or effects. I are still teh noob at video editing.

Also here are the drops for the night. Triple Protectior wtf! Oh wells, it is always good to have our main tanks gear up. Nice Mace too!

We worked on Felmyst for a bit with raid positionings and Priest’s Mass Dispell timings for a good half hour. Real attempts at Felmyst on Sunday! I hope the big death birdy goes down. Papa needs a new pair of shoes!

Mount + Mojo = Fun!

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