Brutallus: Omg 1%

brutallus.jpgWe put in about 30 attempts on the Pit Lord, and he smacked us down everytime. We got him down to 2% twice, and 1% three freaking times! Brutallus is no joke.

Many say that this raid encounter serves as a DPS check for guilds to see if they are ready to move on. Brutallus has 10,000,000 Hit Points, and a 6 minute enrage timer. At that point he will even one-shots main tanks while shield wall is up.

I can’t even remember how many times I have seen a boss wipe at 1%. It is very discouraging and the guild keeps wanting to push it late into the night because we are soo close. That leads to more dumb mistakes as fatigue kicks in. Brutallus better be dropping phat loots on Sunday or I will be very angry.

Grrr 2% Wipe…

On another note, when we zoned into the instance today and cleared the trash from Kalecgos (which we defeated) to Brutallus, it showed the fight between Madrigosa and Brutallus again. So on Sunday when I head back, I’ll be sure to have Fraps ready to record the fight for you.

Also note that my computer isn’t of the top of the line spec, so I won’t be able to bring you videos of entire fights. Last time I tried that on Illidan really slowed down my computer to a point that I was unable to preform during the boss fight.

At the end of the raid night, my total repair bill was around 150-200g plus cost of reagents. Good thing the Guild Bank was covering the cost of learning a new raid encounter. Here are some random screenies of the evening.

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  • Gaming Computers said:

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

  • Mage said:

    Wow. How do you have over 2k spell damage? Everyone I have ever talked to said it was impossible to get over 1500. Can you tell me how?

  • danykoton said:

    ey utada

    can you do me a favour?

    i really love you nice interface !!
    it’s one of the best mages interfaces i’ve ever seen

    - so please PimP my wow gaming time

    can U .zip you Ui and upload it (or send it via mail? )

    would be very very nice

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    If you take a look at my buffs in the screenshots, you can see that I am fully raid buffed, with totems, popped my trinkets, and took a Destruction Potion.

    I am currently at about 1320 Frost Damage unbuffed.


    I updated my main User Interface page with a link to where you can download a .rar of my UI. Here is the link to the page:


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