Enchants on Character Screen

Not a huge change, but a nice one. After I went through about five small PTR patches in order to play on the Tournament Test Realm (TTR), I noticed that my Soulfrost enchant graphics was now shown on the character select screen.

It’s nice to see that Blizz is attempt to fix things no matter how minor the problem is. Now I don’t think the enchant not showing was ever a “problem” or it just wasn’t intended to be shown on the character select screen, but I like that they added it.

I checked the Patch Notes again and didn’t see this listed as one of the things to be changed in the next patch, so its going to be an undocumented change after checking it again, I saw it in the notes :P . So this might not be a new change to some of you, but I just noticed it now. :) Either way, another nice addition to Patch 2.4.

Here’s a screenshot of my character on PTR and my arena character on TTR:

As I’m writing this, a few ideas just popped into my head. If they can make it so that you can change the order of how your characters are listed on the character select screen. Or maybe have the screen change according to your spec? Having a Water Elemental behind your character like Hunters do with their pets would be cool. Characters in Shadowform if you are Shadow spec’d, stuff like that. That would be another nice little addition they can add.

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