AC Clears Serpentshrine Cavern

Aetherial Circle has now defeated Lady Vashj and SSC is now cleared!

Vashj along with Kael’thas is probrably one of the toughest roadblock of Guild progression to overcome. You need the entire raid to be in perfect sync with one another, and be able to communicate to get the job done. Everything must be executed near perfectly in order for them to take out Lady Vashj, and AC has done just that.

Unfortunately I can’t raid with AC on their main progression day (I am currently wiping many times on Felmyst on Utada! >_< ) with Geldin. I think AC performs better without Gnomes in their raids anyways. You can find more information about this on BRK and Brigin’s Blogs.

So a big Congrats to AC for this great achievement!

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