AC Downs Fathom-Lord

Aetherial Circle downed Fathom-Lord last night in Serpentshrine Caverns. I was unable to make the raid, but it is another big step in raid progression for AC. You can read more on BRK’s blog.

AC Raid Progression:

  • SSC 4/6
  • TK 1/4

Next Targets:

  • SSC – Morogrim Tidewalker
  • TK - High Astromancer Solarian

Tonight we will head into Tempest Keep to kill Void Reaver and make attempts on High Astromancer Solarian.

Grats AC!! Keep it up!

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  • Seper said:

    0o Did you server transfer to join kittys guild? Or do you have a character on his server that happens to be in his guild?

    Cause the mage I tanked for was in t6 Bt gear 0o.

  • Cheetara said:

    Congratulations! That is quite the little fight. Solarion is cake… just run when you are the bomb. Lots of noobs won’t run, but make fun of them until they do. :P

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to download this sweet mod :)

    Good Lucktara!

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    My friend was on this server, and he had an extra mage that he said I could use. He was in the same guild as BRK. This is how I met BRK, which is also the reason why I started blogging.

    The Mage was in all greens and some blues, so I started raiding with them, and eventually he got geared up.

    It is also a nice break from hyjal and bt every week. Helping with progression is another plus.


    I actually never done the new Solarian. The old Solarian was a huge pain, so I’m hoping it is alot easier.


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