Pirates and Beer!

Everybody loves pirates! And everybody likes beer too! What can be better than having the two holidays back to back? Hmm… maybe Blizzard will add Ninja Day after Brewfest is over! Then everyone will be happy!

Pirate’s Day

Pirate’s Day was only a one day holiday, that took place on September 19th. There was only one achievement associated with this holiday, and it isn’t required for the “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” Achievement.

All you had to do was just to fly to Booty Bay, to talk to a Pirate to be turned into a pirate for the “Captain’s Booty” Achievement. This however, was quite a problem for those of you who were already Honored or better with the Bloodsail Pirates.


Upon landing in Booty Bay, I was already surrounded by guards. Since I was trying to raise my rep with the Goblin factions, I knew that I couldn’t kill any guards, so I tried not to. Well… that didn’t matter! Any guard that I aggro’d that was then killed by any random person, I ended up losing Goblin rep. So on my way to the Pirate to get my achievement, I lost around 2000 rep with the Booty Bay faction.

/sigh Now I have to start all over again with farming rep with them. Stupid achievement…


Brewfest is one of my favorite holidays in WoW. There were a bunch a things from last year that I still needed to get, but didn’t have enough time/tokens to get. Blizzard even added more items and achievements for me to do this year!

Last year, I failed to get my own Brewfest Kodo Mount. Not this year!!! I got it on the 3rd day this time, winning it with a 99 roll in a semi-pug group. Woot!

Now I have to farm tokens so I can buy the three outfits needed for the “Disturbing the Peace” Achievement. After that, I will sell my outfits back to buy myself the [Pint-Sized Pink Elephant] and the “Brew of the Month” Membership Card.

Also Mages who are trying to get the “Drunken Stupor” Achievement- Ice Block still works! So go to Shattrath, get hammered, flying mount up into the sky, then Ice Block dropping straight down to the floor. Feel free to stay and laugh at all the lesser classes trying to jump off the Scryer elevator trying to get the achievement.

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