Mages Wanted

Or is it Magi? /shrug. I have been tagged by Megan again with another one of those meme/chain-mail/disease/curse thingies. This time the rules are:

Fill in the blanks,

On the road of _____, there is(are) _____ and _____.

_____ Wanted.

Or something along those lines. It was based off one of the old Volkswagen Slogans. So here is what I’ve come up with:

This time I am going to [Ice Block] to clear all debuffs, to prevent this curse from spreading to other bloggers, (and it makes less work for me to think of blogs to tag) but feel free to join in the fun! I’m starting to like these meme thingies. Gives me more stuff to write about!

Back to the slogan. Mages have been known to be one of (if not the most) QQ’ingess (sp?) Class in the World of Warcraft. We even have our own special keyboard! C’mon guys, less QQ more Pew Pew!

I’ve been playing my Mage from the beginning, and had enjoyed (and still enjoy) the class. While the rest of the Mage community would drown the forums with tears.

Even back when Warlocks had a 75% chance of killing you, just by looking at you. 90% chance if they had their Felhunter out. 99.9% chance if their face happens to hit the [Death Coil] key while rolling it across their keyboard. I would just say to myself, “At least I’m not getting stun locked by Rogues.”

Stop focusing on the nerfs every time a new patch comes out. Look forward at the buffs (if there are any). I don’t like them as much as you, but if there is a nerf, there is probably a good reason for it.

Stop comparing yourself with other classes. Instead, focus on your own strengths and weaknesses. There are somethings we’re good at, and somethings we’re not.

Your tears won’t make the Mage class any better, but you can work on being a better Mage.

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  • magi said:

    Mages or Magi are acceptable. Magi is actually the plural for Magus, but can be used for Mage as well.

    Yea it sucks that the Mage community has been looked at as the class which QQs a lot. Like you said, nobody likes a nerf, but when there is one, it usually is necessary.

    “Your tears won’t make the Mage class any better, but you can work on being a better Mage.”


  • Tondo said:

    Hey!, I’ve been reading your articles since a long time ago, when you were at, they’re very good.

    I have a question, can you make a list of your addons for me? Your UI looks awesome.

    Thanks in advance, sorry about my english.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    It hasn’t been updated in quite some time now, but you can take a look at my UI here:

    I will probably do a new UI post around the time Patch 3.1.0 is released.


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