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UIOne great thing about World of Warcraft is the ability to customize everything about your User Interface (UI). You can use Modifications (mods) to aid you in various ways throughout the game. It could be something as simple as showing you the cooldown of your spells, to something more complex like showing you your threat % relative to the main tank’s threat. You can move everything around to match your own playstyle.

After I made my Shatter Combo video, I have gotten alot of questions about my UI, and about what mods I use. Sorry I had been a little busy lately and haven’t had the time to go through all my mods. For now I will just list all the mods that I use, and in the future, I will go through each mod to explain each one more detail on to how to use them.

Here is a picture of Utada with all the mods running in a Raid environment. Its a little cluttered, but you can see how each mod can help you. Next to that picture is Geldin with the same exact UI setup (I copied my WTF folder over so I didn’t have to redo my UI), that is not in a raid, so it is alot easier to see each mod. Also in the second picture, I put the name of each mod next to it so you could see.

Utada - IllidanGeldin - UI

User Interface:

  • ag_Unitframes
  • bartender3
  • CT_mod
  • [ChatMOD]
  • [eePanels]
  • FuBar
  • simpleMinimap
  • ItemRack


  • [simpleCombatLog]
  • sct
  • CooldownTimers2
  • natureEnemycastbar
  • [Quartz]
  • TrinketMenu
  • [Decursive]


  • Recount
  • Omen


  • DeadlyBossMods
  • BigWigs


  • Cryolysis2
  • Frosty

Here is a link to download a zip of all my addons together: Utada UI
And Here is a link to my WTF if you want to use my layout: Utada WTF

*warning* I run at the resolution of 1680×1050 so if you try using my layout at a lower resolution, everything will look all messed up and jumbled together. Feel free to use the layout as a starting point and alter it to your liking.

Like I said before, I will be writing about each mod separately in the future so I can go into more details about each mod. This will give me plenty of material for me to write about now :)

I just thought of an idea. I will update this post with each mod listed, and link those mods to the posts I will be writing. I will list this post under “Frosty Magecraft” so you can check here to link to the rest of the mod articles I will be writing in the future.

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  • Elywn said:

    I would love to know HOW you configured some of those mods. For example the omen, crylosys, and simple minimap area.

  • J said:

    Thank you for posting this!

  • Blake said:

    Holy crap. A “little” cluttered? I’d get lost there. Seems a bit too cluttered for me.

    Here’s a shot of mine (fire mage). It’s from November and I’ve updated it since then with more trinket options. It came from a package I found a while back (Taeo) but I’ve since customized it heavily.

  • Cheetara said:

    So i was just saying… I need to install EEpanels, but I am not exactly sure about it all… and there it is! You totally rock! I am installing it now!

  • danykoton said:

    would you like to upload your conifg too

    so i really love you interface

    so could you upload your WTF folder

    would be very nice

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    WTF folder is up. Beware if your not running at the same resolution or higher, it will look all messed up on your end :)

  • danykoton said:

    thank u very much tuna :)

    what a luck ! my sys is running wiht an 20″ widscreen

    so 1650*1250 isn’t a problem and it looks grate!

    thx a lot

  • Mage said:

    Can you update this?

  • Mage said:

    I’d also like to know which one of the mods is the one where al the groups are in the upper right corner during a raid. I could realy use this.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Last time this post was updated was May 9th, 2008. I will update it each time I present a new Mod, and will try to do that as often as I can. Sorry if it comes out slow ^^;

    As for the mod I used for the Raid groups in the top left corner, that is ag_Unitframes.

  • tabs said:

    Hi, just found your site, very nice and informative.

    I’m just wondering if you can tell me what add on allows you to see the crit, haste, hit, etc. in actual percentage on the tool tip of your gears? Thanks!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ tabs

    That mod is called “Rating Buster” which will add the values to the tooltip of your gear.

  • tabs said:

    Thanks Tuna!

  • Veresitha said:

    I know this is pretty late, but I’m really liking the buff mod you use in the upper right hand side. Does ag_UnitFrames provide this or is that a seperate addon?

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    The mod for the buffs is part of the CT_Mod package. Called CT_BuffMod.

    Sorry I haven’t updated this section in a long time. I really should get back on it.

  • danykoston said:

    hey there

    have you a new interface in 3.0 ?

    my old one doesn’t work any more so can you perhaps make an entry about your new ui in 3.0 ?

    would be very nice

    bye dany

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ danykoston

    Working on an updated UI atm, but there are still a lot of broken mods and errors. I’ll get one up as soon as I can. :)

  • danykoston said:


    I’m very suprised when you have finished ;-)

  • Eiswuerfel said:


    Thanx a LOT!!!!!!!!

    I will download the latest addons from , or and edit my interface..


    Greetings from Bosnia


    PS: @Utada – I hope you play WoW for a long long time… BEST UI I ewer seen

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