Water Elemental Receiving Mage’s Spell Hit?

There has been a Blue Post on the WoW WotLK Beta Forums which states:

“We plan to give all pets the master’s +hit%.” [source]

Now this was posted in the Warlock’s Forum, so we aren’t too sure if this was aim specifically towards Warlocks, or to all classes with a pet. If so, not only is this a huge buff to Warlocks, but to Hunters and Frost Mages too.

BRK has gone over how it would help out Hunters, let’s see how much it would help out us Frost Mages.

As of right now, your Water Elemental receives no Spell Hit bonus from you, but will receive any party auras or totems from your group. Which means the Water Elemental has an 17% chance to have his spells resisted. With an Elemental Shaman, it is cut down to a 13% chance to resist. That is a huge amount of DPS loss. Here is a screenshot of a WWS parse from awhile ago:

As you can see, without any Spell Hit bonuses given to your Water Elemental, he will have a good amount of his Waterbolts resisted. As a result, will lose a huge chunk of potential damage. Here is a more recent WWS, this time with an Elemental Shaman:

Even with an Elemental Shaman, the Water Elemental still have a high resist rate. Anything above 2-3% resist I consider to be high. With the extra 4% from the Elemental Shaman (1% Inspiration, 3% totem), my Water Elemental was able to do more damage.

Just like for Mages, + Spell Hit will provide more DPS increase for your Water Elemental than any other stat until Spell Hit Capped (16%). By having your Water Elemental receive your Spell Hit, it would make a huge difference in the amount of damage he can do.

As I stated before, your Water Elemental will provide a good 10-13% of your total DPS (single target) if used correctly. If they gave our Water Elemental our Spell Hit, it could easily do 12-15% or more of our total DPS.

Please Blizzard, make it so.

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