New Upgrade: Sunfire Handwraps

I finally farmed (and bought) the materials needed to craft my [Sunfire Handwraps]. I farmed enough to get two Shadowcloth transmutes, then I got really lazy and bought the rest of the mats. I ended up spending over 800 gold, but it was worth it. 

The gloves are a real big upgrade for me. It was also nice that I was finally able to get rid of some of my excess Spell Hit in exchange for some more Spell Damage and Spell Crit. I am still 14 Spell Hit Rating over the Spell Hit Cap. But it is always better to be over the cap, than to be under the cap.

My previous gloves were the T6 gloves, [Gloves of the Tempest]. With the option to choose from 8 pieces of T6 gear now, I was able to replace my T6 pants and gloves and still keep my 4 Piece Bonus. The differences in stats between the two gloves are:

No Spell Haste, but a ton of Spell Damage and Spell Crit

And that is without any gems socketed. With 2 x [Runed Crimson Spinel] socketed with the gem socket bonus, my new gloves will give me +23 Spell Damage compared to my old gloves.

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  • Super_Duck said:


  • gnomercy said:

    ARgh! While I am looking to upgrade my gloves to Tier 6, you are already upgrading your Tier 6!

    Those Sunfire gloves sure are badass though… SO much spell damage!

    Grats on gloves and on Twins kill! Keep it up!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Thanks! :)


    If you were angry about me replacing my T6 Gloves, just wait til you see what else I just replaced >_<


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