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<— Everyone’s favorite Potion Master: Serverus Snape!

Although being Transmute Master made me good money back in the day, it is no longer useful to me. The proc rate wasn’t too bad. It would proc about two out of ten days when I would do my daily Transmute. When I didn’t have mats to do Primal Might transmute, I would do Primal Earth > Primal Water, or Primal Water > Primal Air, depending on how the market was for those primals. The thing was, that it would never proc when I NEED it to proc.

Needed Primal Mights back in the day to craft my Spellstrike Hood and Legs? Zero Procs. Day after I have them both crafted? BAM Primal Might x 5, which was nice, but not needed anymore. Transmute Master is a decent mastery, but it just isn’t as useful as Potion or Elixir Master. It might have the same proc rate as the other two mastery, the cooldown on the transmute is what kills it. Maybe of being Transmute Master also cut the transmute cooldown by like maybe half or something, then it would be somewhat useful to be.

Why Potion Master?

Well I was thinking of doing Elixir Master, which I think is slightly more useful, but I already have friends and guildies that are already Elixir Master, so there would be no need for me to take this mastery. I did not know any Potion Masters personally in-game other than the one guildie who stopped playing, but his friend (one of the current raiders) would sign on once in a while to make potions for the guild. That was too much of a hassle and you can’t count on that person to be on when you need potions made, so I dropped Transmute Master and picked up Potion Master.

How do you drop a mastery?

You DO NOT have to drop the profession and re-level Alchemy again. For Alchemy, in order for you to drop a mastery, all you have to do is talk to the NPC who gave you the Mastery in the first place. The Transmute Master is Zarevhi, who is located at Stormspire in Netherstorm. The Elixir Master is Lorokeem, who is located at Lower City in Shattrath City. The Potion Master is Lauranna Thar’well, who is located at Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.


Simply talk to the NPC and select the option to unlearn the mastery. The fee to drop the mastery however is 150 gold. Ouch! It is ok though, you can make the gold back in one day of doing Dailies. Then after you drop the mastery, talk to the NPC of the respected mastery you want to learn, and select the option to learn the new mastery. No need to do any quests or anything, simply click yes.

How do I like Potion Master?

I just recently made the switch so I haven’t been making any potions yet. Now procs will be limited by the supply of herbs instead of a 23 hour cooldown, so that already is a big plus. Also, I will be able to help out guildies and friend by making potions for them when needed. I have also been going through a lot of Super Mana Potion and Destruction Potion lately (three destro pots are required for every Brutallus kill, and one or two are used for every wipe >_<). So this will be very useful for current and future bosses.

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  • alafista said:

    While I loved my pot mastery, it just created too much pot for my own use, so I decided to go back to transmute mastery instead. LOL


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