Utada of the Shattered Sun

Is what my new title would be like if I donated one thousand gold to aid in Anchorite Ayuri’s efforts. This quest is unlocked as your server completes “Phase 3″ and takes back the harbor. Is it worth it? I don’t know…

Now one thousand gold is a lot of cash to pony up, especially just for a new title. Also having this title shows that you did not have to do much to “earn” it, such as completing crazy hard quests or repping up with three different factions.

Well I guess you could say that earning enough gold to be able to spare a thousand for the title would be considered hard enough “earn” the title. Just not my style I guess.

Or you could give me 1000g, and I shall call you Anchorite Kairthos, Utada’s Servant?

Knowing me, I will probably end up doing 25/25 dailies now and saving up gold for this darn title now. We’ll see…

Taking back the Harbor also opens up for you two new daily quests. One involving mind controlling Ravagers to find some roots to turn in, and another one where you just donate ten gold for the cause.

The Ravager daily is for building an Alchemy Lab and unlocking Black Temple and Hyjal Jewelcrafting recipes and Gems to purchase. The ten gold donation daily goes towards building a War Memorial honoring all those who have lost their lives in the battle to retake the isle (or got ganked while trying to collect keys from the Nagas).

Also there is now an Inn Keeper (for those who are too lazy to take the portal from Shattrath) and a Mailbox for those who always seem to run out of bag space, or forget to grab stuff before going to the Isle.

Opening the Alchemy Lab and Gem Vendor is what I have been waiting for since the patch came out. I have all my Badge of Justice saved up to buy the raw epic gems that I need (15 badges per gem).

I am going to start replacing any Dmg/Crit gems I have with Dmg/Haste gems. And hopefully Felmyst dies tonight so I can finally replace my Kara boots with Tier 6 boots.

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