Hex on the Beach

hex-lord.jpgHe finally gave them to me! After about twenty or more kills on Hex Lord Malacrass, we have finally won the roll for our [Hex Shrunken Head]. w00t!

The fight is fairly simple. It reminds me of a beefed up version of the Moroes fight in Kara, with the adds and the CC’ing.

Hex Lord Malacrass will be accompanied by four bodyguards, generated randomly out of eight possible choices. Each add will be suseptable to some form of Crowd Control (CC). Some will be sheepable, banishable, shackleable, or hibernate…-able(?).

Anyways, the general strategy is usually to CC the adds and kill them one by one before switching to the Hex Lord himself. Most groups kill two of the adds and switch to Hex Lord while keeping the remaining two adds CC’ed for the entire fight, giving more time to dps the Hex Lord down before he gets too powerful to tank. He does Drain Power every minute which reduces raid member’s damage by 1% while increasing his by 10%.

While this is going on, Hex Lord will shoot Spirit Bolts every 40 secs. It will hit everyone in the raid for 450 Shadow Damage per bolt. He will shoot 20 bolts with in 10 seconds. So any form on Shadow resistance will be helpful here. Also note, due to the spell pushback these Spirit Bolts do, I recommend re-CC’ing your targets before he does this attack.

Thats not all! Immediately after each Spirit Bolt phase, he will cast Siphon Soul on a random raid member, and steal some of thier moves.

  • Druid – Thorns, Lifebloom, Moonfire
  • Hunter – Freezing, Snake, and Explosive Traps
  • Mage – Frost Nova, Frostbolt, Ice Lance
  • Paladin – Consecrate, Avenging Wrath, Holy Light
  • Priest – Psychic Scream, Flash Heal, Mind Control
  • Rogue – Blind, Wound Poison, Slice and Dice
  • Shaman – Fire Nova Totem, Healing Wave, Chain Lightning
  • Warlock – Curse of Doom, Unstable Affliction, Rain of Fire
  • Warrior – Mortal Strike, Spell Reflect, Whirlwind

Depending on who he targets, the raid must act accordingly. The toughest in my opinion is when he steals the Priest’s power or the Mage’s power. Mind Control could spell disaster if CC’ers are MC’ed, and the shatter combos he does when he steals the Mage’s power can really hurt. Remember to interrupt any heals he may do if he takes the power of a healing class. Also note, his buffs like Lifebloom or Avenging Wrath may be dispelled or spell stolen.

These phases continue until he or the raid is dead.


In my opinion, Hex Lord Malacrass is much harder than the final boss of the instance, Zul’jin, but is a fun one.

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