Ugly Sword to go with My Ugly Tunic

I got myself a new weapon for my Mage, which dropped off the new Onyxia raid. It is a very plain looking (but amazing) sword, the [Polished Azuresong Mageblade], and this thing is a beast of a sword.

The original [Azuresong Mageblade] (which I also had at one point) dropped off of Golemagg from Molten Core. The new upgraded version dropped off the new 25-man Onyxia. There is a lesser stat version that drops off the 10-man Onyxia, the [Glinting Azuresong Mageblade].

Mage or Paladin?

It still retains the original plain look of the old sword, but has a ton of Spell Damage on it. 621 Spell Power!!! That is more than the entire [Conqueror's Kirin Tor Garb] combined!

I was told that I looked more like a Paladin with my gear, than a Mage. So I put on the [Tabard of Argent Crusade] and took a screenshot.

I’m going to follow the majority of votes and go with the [Tabard of Summer Skies] now. Thanks for voting!

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  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    Actually I like that sword.. I picked up the original on a retro raid recently…

    The thing I like about it is the simplicity… too many bells and whistles on the new gear…

    Need it bigger and badder than last item… let’s put a candelabra on it…

    Ummm No!
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  • Adlib said:

    I got that same sword the day after you posted this. I hate how it looks too! The enchant doesn’t even help. The Runescribed blade was much cooler.


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