Ulduar: Frogger 2.0

I’m sure most of you have experienced Frogger 1.0 in Naxxramas, going from Patchwerk towards Grobbulus. There are three rows of slimes which moves from left to right, and you have to navigate your character across without touching the slimes. Touching them will result in an instant death, with a side of laughter and ridicule from the rest of the raid.

If Frogger was one of your highlights of running Naxx, have no fear, Blizzard has added a new and improved Frogger 2.0 into Ulduar! This time however, if you fail in Frogger 2.0, instead of receiving laughter and ridicule, it’s more like anger and expletives.


The new Frogger 2.0 is located in front of Mimiron’s room, after you take the tram over. You will see sort of a racetrack thingy, going around the room, with little walking bombs coming around the track from both sides. Instead of instantly killing you this time, now if you get close to one of them, you will aggro the bomb. The bomb will then follow you until it touches you, then explode for around 25k damage.

The raid won’t mind much if you pull one and kill yourself. You’ll just be laughed at. It is when you pull AND cross over to where the rest of the raid is. That is when they will hate you for it. If you pull aggro, and the bomb follows you and then blows up the raid- that just wastes more time and increases everyone’s repair bill.

It maybe funny the first time, but after wiping to Mimiron phase 4 a couple times, trust me, not so funny anymore. After each Mimiron wipe, if there isn’t a healer Shadowmelded, Ankhed, DI’d, or Soulstoned inside the room, then you have to make your way through Frogger 2.0 again.

The bombs CAN be rooted, and DPS’d down, but once it touches someone, it will explode. It has around 35k Health I believe. So you either deal with it as a group, or make it across safely, individually.

Attention: Mages! Invisibility works! It doesn’t work for Frogger 1.0, but it does for Frogger 2.0! The rest of you lesser classes, good luck, have fun!

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