Things You May Have Missed in Northrend

If you are one of many players who have rushed through the areas, leveling to 80 as fast as you can, there might be a few things you may have missed. I’ve taken my time, going through pretty much all the quests in each area that I have explored, and taken a few pictures to remember some of the good ones.


There is an area in the Borean Tundra where there is a quest hub at a Murloc camp. There you will rescue baby Murlocs or even dress up as one in order to infiltrate an enemy base to defeat a boss.

Also in Borean Tundra, you get to disguise yourself as the opposing faction and kill things to put the blame on them. Here you can see my flawless Horde costume.


In the same area where you get to wear the Murloc outfit, you will also be rescuing baby Murlocs. If you are a Mage and you are looking at this picture, you should know what I attempted to do next.

In the Underbelly of Dalaran, you can find Master Splinter and the Ninja Turtles in the sewer in the training area. They are still babies, and haven’t fully mutated yet.

Crazy Transportation

Throughout different areas in Northrend, there will be different options of transportation during certain quests. Like riding a Bomber Plane in Howling Fjord.

Or surfing on a Crocodile’s back. As you can see, there seems to be a glitch where if you are mounted before you accept the ride, you stay mounted. This was in Sholazar Basin.


Ok not really a Gundam, but you get to ride on this Titan’s shoulders, as he Hulk Smashes his way through hundreds of scourges. Oh and you get to control the Hulk Smashing. This was also in Sholazar Basin.

Here you put on your Iron Man suit, and rocket jump your way to the top of the mountain. Silly Gnomes and their Engineering. You can find this quest somewhere in the Icecrown.

If you skipped through many areas while rushing your way to 80, you should really go back and do some of these quests. Blizzard really has put in a lot of effort in making these quests very entertaining, and it would be a shame if you missed out on them.

There are many many more quests and things in Northrend that I’ve seen and forgotten to take a screenshot, or haven’t seen them myself yet. But I’m going through all the areas and trying to do as many of the quests that I can, in order to get the full experience of this new expansion.

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  • willie said:

    That’s the same thing I have been doing, taking my time and doing all the quests. I did rescue the baby Murlocs and put on that silly suit Monday night, looks like something from Blizzcon, “where is my Blizzard flag?” Tuna, have you did the Harpoon surfing yet? It is part of a quest in Howling Fjord where you return to the base camp on a harpoon that was fired from a cannon to report in. You fly across the river standing on this big spear thing and looks like you are hanging ten on a surfboard.

  • Grimmtooth said:

    Regarding tadpoles … Oh no, you didn’t! O.o

    Also: there’s a ride-the-storm-giant quest in Zul’Drak that’s a lot of fun, and you finish by facing off with another giant … robot … thingy.

    Grimmtooths last blog post..A couple of Dubya Tee Effs and one spiffy thing

  • Herc said:

    Gundam! I loved that quest.

    I didn’t miss the murloc quest but I did miss out on the crocodile ride.

    There are 3 zones which I havent finished. Storm Peaks, Icecrown and Zuldrak. Hopefully I can do some tonight.

    Hercs last blog post..Raid DPS Test

  • TXSundevil said:

    Oh absolutley the harpoon ride back into the Fjord is one of my favorites.

    Also…in the early quests in the Fjord, when you are using the inscence to discover a secret…..if you walk out of that hut, and back around to the main area….who might you find? The Lich king himslef!!! While trying to engage in combat kicks you out of the “Ghost” state….Try instead just running up to him…..Enjoy the small dialoge that follows…if you missed it, try it on an alt its great! Lots of wonderful things to see in the expansion. Really alot of variety to break up the hum drum kill it and collect it stuff.

    Look forward to hearing more of your adventures!!!


  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ willie

    Oh yea the harpoon quest! That was not only a cool quest, but it provides an extra “flight path” since you can keep using them to fly back to town anytime after you finished that quest.

    @ Grimmtooth

    I couldn’t help it. It is part of playing a Mage for too long. I did say “attempted” though. You should be relieved to know that nothing happened.

    @ Herc

    I am in the middle of doing the Icecrown quests right now. I still have Storm Peaks and Zul’drak left. Not only are the quests fun, but I am getting a ton of gold too!

    @ TXSundevil

    I started off in Howling Fjord when I got the expansion. When I got to that part of the quest line, naturally I went to say hi the the Lich King… and he said “hi” back. Definitely worth going back to see that if you have missed it.


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