Week 7/1 – Recap

This week I stayed in Philly and enjoyed the extended Fourth of July Weekend, the day we (Americans) celebrate the day we gained our Independence. Fireworks and grilling was all I heard and smelled all weekend.

World of Warcraft:

The end of the Midsummer Festival, and a day full of fireworks in WoW. I was able to get my [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost] off of Ahune. It kind of sucked because he was immune to Frost Spells, but we were able to get him down with no problems.

I had enough [Burning Blossom] to buy the [Vestment of Summer], and stocked up on [Midsummer Sausage]. They stack with food buffs, so I will be saving them for when we can get M’uru to phase two.

Our Black Temple run this week, Illidan dropped a [Warglaive of Azzinoth] for us. We have been waiting for months for the Off-hand to drop. Finally a completed Warglaive set for one of our Rogues. One set down, two more sets to complete.

Extra bonus: The Rogue who got the Warglaive, gave 1000 gold to each person in the raid as a “thanks for coming” present. Guess he can farm back the 24k gold he just spent, in no time with his new toy.

I started doing Battlegrounds again on Utada. I still get bored really fast when doing BGs so sometimes I go in wearing full PvE gear. I already bought my [Guardian's Silk Belt], next I will be saving up for the Neck or Bracers.

  • Fun: Staying in the back and picking off players left and right in PvE gear.
  • Not Fun: Getting 2/3 shotted by Rogues in PvE gear.


The Summer 2008 Season has begun, and all of the new series are being aired. I still haven’t finished up most of last season’s anime yet.

I only liked a few of the series last season:

  • kurenai
  • Code Geass: R2
  • Nabari no Ou
  • Toshokan Senshou

Video Games:

I have been playing Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for the Xbox 360. Very fun game for fans of the series. Also has the option of changing the voices to the original Japanese voices. A huge plus and something I always look for when playing any JRPG.

Took a small break from Person 3: FES and Lost Oddessey. Was contemplating on purchasing Final Fantasy Tactics: A2 for the DS. I was able to resist the urge for now, but next time I enter a game store or Best Buy, I will most likely get it.

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