Week 6/24 – Recap

Another weekend of movies again for me, and there are still movies I haven’t seen yet, but would like to. I also haven’t had much free time last week to play much games or watch any of my animes. Looks like I have nothing important to do this week so more play time for me!

Also it is almost Independence Day! Time to fire up the grill, invite some friends over and have a nice wtfbbq! I will be expecting a lot of fireworks usage from my neighborhood on this day. The kids on my street have been lighting them all last week already.

World of Warcraft:

I barely logged onto WoW last week (only logged on to raid). Even Sunday’s raid got canceled due to players not showing up. I am way behind on farming honor, and findingan Arena team to play on. I still play with my Warlock friend and we’re barely breaking even! Maybe I shouldn’t have taken last season off.

We’re still stuck on M’uru in the Sunwell Plateau. Best attempt so far is taking him/her (it?) down to 30% in Phase 1. Hopefully M’uru dies this week.

I still haven’t killed that Frost boss for the Fire Festival yet. I should get on that so I can get my Deathfrost enchant already. I am so lazy sometimes…

Due to the recent account hacking of Guildmates of AC, I decided to purchase the key authenticator from Blizzard. 7 bucks is worth it to prevent your account from being hacked imo. The only drawback is it will be a pain for my friends who sometimes go on my Mage to make potions or run their alts through dungeons, to log on. They would need to call me up and get an access number from me each time they want to log on.


I love all Pixar movies, and Wall-e was no exception. The movie was great! It had my laughing so much during the entire movie. The only thing that bothered me during the movie was the really really loud parents behind me. They had this loud and obnoxious laugh, and the many funny moments in the movie didn’t help much. Other than that, I loved the movie. Go watch it now!

After Wall-e, we Solid Snaked on over to see Wanted. It had curving bullets and Angelina Jolie. ‘Nuff said. It was a fairly enjoyable movie. Action, explosions, Angelina, and a few “wtf” moments. Not as bad as Transporter 1/2 where you’re like, “wtf did he just deflect a rocket with a serving tray!?” or “wtf did he just flip his car upside so that the crane will knock off the bomb that was attached to the bottom his car and still manage to land right side up without a scratch?!”. Did I mention that Angelina Jolie was in the movie?

I still want to watch “The Happening”, “The Love Guru” and “Don’t Mess with the Zohan”. Maybe next week. Plus the new Batman movie is coming out, and the new Will Smith movie. So many good movies out this summer, and so little time…

Video Games:

I’m over 35 hours into Persona 3:FES and I am only about half way through the game. That is not including the 2nd chapter which is supposed to be another 30+ hours of gameplay. Damn you addictive Japanese RPGs!

Lost Odyssey: I am still lost on the fourth disc with no clues or NPCs telling me where to go. That or I probably wasn’t paying attention when the did. I am contemplating on looking up a game walkthrough so I can finish this wonderful game. My friends tell me that there are a bunch of side-quests for each character I should do first. Blah, maybe I should just follow a walkthrough already.

Real Life:

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there. I wonder if you guys get really plastered for this day… if so, I’m looking forward to playing with some drunken Canadians during the Sunwell raid tonight!

It was my Dad’s birthday this weekend and we took him to an awesome Sushi buffet about 30 minutes away from my place in Philly. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet called Minado, and it is delicious! Not only did they had sushi, they had hibachi and snow crab legs. The price is kinda high (28 bucks a person) but was worth every penny. Plus I made sure I ate enough to get my money’s worth. They also did this embarrassing loud clapping and singing thing for my Dad and brought out a cake. Very nice of them. I want to go there again.

These pictures are making me very hungry…

I very much enjoy sushi, but it is not for everyone. I know a lot of people who doesn’t like the fact that it is raw fish. It’s an acquired taste, like coffee. I hate coffee… it’s so bitter. And mushrooms! bleaargh!

I too was very hesitant at first, but when I finally gave in and ate some, I liked it. But at that time I wasn’t “hooked” yet. I couldn’t understand how people would have these cravings for sushi. I mean, I liked it, but I didn’t like it that much… yet. As time went on, the more I ate sushi, the more I started getting these cravings. It just grew on me out of nowhere. I even named the blog off one of my favorite sushi! Now everytime someone mentions sushi, I’m there. All this talk about sushi, now I want some…

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