Week 6/17 – Recap

It has been a long weekend for me, and I was gone from Friday – Tuesday, so I was away from my computer and didn’t have any blogging time while I was away. I schedule two posts ahead of time just so you didn’t have absolutely nothing while I was gone. Just a few boss strats, and I got more coming up. Now I’m back from my mini-weekend vacation, and there has been a lot of things that happened last week, and a lot of changes for this week. I had an awesome week, and I hope you did too.

World of Warcraft:

Season 3 Arena has ended! Congrats to everyone who got their new titles and mounts. Season 3 was pretty much non-existent for me. I got six pieces of S3 gear, then then took a break from arenaing. I want to try to find a nice team for the 4th season though and give it another go. Frost Mage – 486 Resil, 12k HP unbuffed, LF 2v2/3v3/5v5 team – PST!

Fire Festival in WoW now. Theres candles and bonfires all over the place. People turning into fire thingies, people with new pets, I had no idea what was going on. I gotta find out about all these new quests and do them.

It also looks like the new Deathfrost enchant is finally out. It drops off of Ahune in Slave Pens for the Fire Festival. Anyone test out if it is any good for PvP yet?


I got to see a good amount of movies this weekend. Well first I saw The Incredible Hulk with my sister and my parents. Then the next night, I took my little sister out with her friends to do some “Moving Hopping“. Its when you plan ahead so that when one movie ends, another one is about to begin, and you just hop right on over– er… I must have been the perfect role model for my little sister and her friends.

Anyways, we saw Get Smart, then Kung Fu Panda, then Zohan. Hulk was awesome, and Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda were really funny. I didn’t stay and watch Zohan, but my sister said it was also really funny. They did a nice job linking the Hulk movie with the Iron Man movie. WTB more super hero movies!

Video Games:

Also while I was home, I got my cousin to let me borrow his PS3 while I was home. He also happened to have MGS4, which I thought was amazing. Now I didn’t get to play much for the 2 days that I had time to play it, but from what I’ve seen so far, it has totally lived up to its hype. Now to steal a PS3 somewhere so I can play it…

I am over 25 hours into Persona 3: FES and I can’t stop playing. Catchy gameplay, and VERY catchy music. I gotta find the soundtrack for this game.

I also tried to start playing Lost Oddysee again. I am at the very beginning of Disc 4, and I have NO idea where I am supposed to go. I am so lost…

Real Life:

The reason I was gone this whole weekend was to go home and go to WildWood, NJ with the family. Its a once a year thingy my Dad’s employer does is let them take their families to a water park. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was decent. It rained for a bit, then sunny, then some showers, then sunny again. The best part was eating Funnel Cake from the boardwalk. Nom nom nom…

Mmm mmm good…

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