New Upgrade: Shoulderpads of Knowledge’s Pursuit

We went back and killed the Eredar Twins again this week. And the loot keeps on rolling on in for me. Another [Shaw of Wonderment] dropped along with a really nice caster necklace, [Amulet of Unfettered Magics]. I lost the bid for the necklace to a Shadow Priest.

The shoulders however, nobody wanted. All the Caster DPS were saving up their DKP for [Amice of the Convoker], me included. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to pick up those shoulders anytime soon (about five people going for it, three whom are ahead of me in DKP), I was able to pick up the [Shaw of Wonderment] for the bare minimum amount of DKP.

So I picked up my new loot, got a [Sunmote] from one of the Guild Officers, and teleported myself back to Shattrath. I got 8 x [Arcane Tome] out of the bank, turned them in at the Scryer place for 8 x [Arcane Rune], and turn those in at the Scryer Bank for a [Greater Inscription of the Orb].

I took out 30 x [Badge of Justice] out of the bank and take the portal back to the Isle of Quel’Danas, blinked on over to the Epic Gem Vendor, and bought myself 1 x [Crimson Spinel] and 1 x [Pyrestone]. Then I went on over to one of the ships and turned in my loot and sunmote for [Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit] and put the shoulder enchant on it.

I joined back with the rest of the raid and got my gems cut. Got a [Runed Crimson Spinel] and a [Reckless Pyrestone] cut and socketed my new shoulders. w00t!

Boo-hoo, Spirit instead of Spell Haste!

Compared to my T6 Shoulders, [Mantle of the Tempest], I gained +13 Spell Damage and +5 Critical Strike Rating. Not bad at all for the minimum DKP bid.

Doh! After I equip it, I realized that I just lost my gem requirement for my Meta Gem, [Chaotic Skyfire Diamond], since one of my Blue Sockets was in my T6 Shoulders. So I decided to re-gem my robes. I got 45 x [Badge of Justice] and bought the raw gems and got them cut.

My [Robes of the Tempst] had 3 x [Runed Crimson Spinel] at the time, ignoring the Socket Bonus. I re-gemmed it with 2 x [Reckless Pyrestone] and 1 x [Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst] and gaining the Socket Bonus of +5 Spell Damage.

According to Lhivera’s TCoM:

My Stat Relative DPS Values:
1.00 Damage: 1.28 Crit Rating, 0.77 Haste Rating
1.00 Hit Rating: Additional Hit Rating not needed
1.00 Crit Rating: 0.78 Damage, 0.60 Haste Rating
1.00 Haste Rating: 1.29 Damage, 1.66 Crit Rating

So according to those stats, I only lost 0.1 points of damage from re-gemming my robes. Had I used a [Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst] instead of a [Runed Crimson Spinel] in my new shoulders to keep the Meta Gem requirement, I would have lost 6 points of damage.

Now that my new shoulders don’t match my robes or helm anymore, I decided to hide my helm, and wear a tabard. Right now I am using the Skyguard Tabard. It doesn’t really match my shoulders, but they are good enough for until I find better looking ones.

A lot of people say I look like a Druid now with these shoulders, and I kinda do. Here is a look at my new shoulders.

View from the front.

View from behind.

You know your character has to good damage AND look good at the same time! Now to get a matching set of robes.

Whew… that was a lot of linking in this post…

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  • gnomercy said:

    ARgh! Now you are replacing T6 Shoulders?! I hate you! Haha, Grats though! Awesome shoulders, and I think they look pretty cool.


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