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Valentine CardHope everyone is having a nice Valentines Day with their significant other. For those without one? Hey, look on the bright side! You’re saving yourself hundreds of dollars on this “Hallmark Holiday“. Go buy yourself something nice, like a new game or something, and enjoy.

You can’t escape this holiday, everywhere you look you see red decorations everywhere. Even when you log onto WoW, Ironforge seems to be lagging with all the flower pedals and picnic baskets everywhere.

I figured out a neat little trick while trying to obtain my Picnic Basket. There is a way you can better your chances at the item by the use of all your alts. I used this method to get my main Mage this item, to probrably waste another valuable bag slot.

The way the Valentine event works in WoW is you need to give Valentines out to the guards at any major capital like Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnasus for the alliance. First you have to purchase either Perfume or Cologne from the Inn, and a stack of Cards. If you put on Perfume, then you can only give cards out to male guards, and Cologne for the female guards. So choose wisely depending on which city you are in. Don’t put on Perfume and run around Darnasus looking for male guards.

Now when you attempt to give a card to a guard, they will either accept or reject the card. If they reject it, you recieve a “Heartbroken” debuff, that won’t allow you to give out any cards for an hour. This debuff however, can be taken off by other players who happen to have a Friendship bracelet. If they accept, you will be given in return a package, which contains some items needed for the Valentines quest, and some other goodies. The two main goodies people are looking for are the [Romantic Picnic Basket] and [Truesilver Shafted Arrow]. You will also recieve an “Adored” debuff that won’t allow you to get another goodie for an hour. Thats where you get on your alts and do it too.

WoW Vday 1WoW Vday 2WoW Vday 3

So what’s the trick? Well if you are looking to get the rare items for your main character, then getting it on your alt won’t help right? Thats where the little trick comes in. When you get the gift from the guard, the gift itself, isn’t soulbound, but the items inside are. So when you get a gift on your alt, take a peek inside to see what is in there, and make sure you don’t loot the item. If it is a rare item, then you simply mail the gift to your main character, or whatever character you want the item on, and voila, you now have it!

WoW Vday 4WoW Vday 5

Have a good day!

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  • Blake said:

    I spent 5 hours + farming the Truesilver Shafted Arrow by creating a human alt, running him to goldshire, then sending him 1.4s from my banker, then logging back to the level 1, buying cologne and tokens, running to Stormwind and getting a package. I then mailed the package to my banker. I found I could do 5-7 runs per hour. Of course, no Truesilver arrow dropped, so I bought it in trade for 200g (I could have easily made that in the 5+ hours I spent grinding it). I did find a Black Dress, but no picnic set while grinding.

  • Tuna said:

    I got the Arrow and Basket, but no dress. Baskets were selling for about 20g on my server, and Arrow was going for 250g+.

  • Cheetara said:

    Okay… I can’t believe I am about to admit this…

    I have 26 picnic baskets, four arrows, and five dresses… I went a little overboard with the farming :)

    I used up all the empty character slots in my husband’s account, my account, and my extra account… I ported them ALL to Orgrimmar, and I just cycled though them as fast as I could. I guess I could make a little gold now that the season is over, huh?

  • Tuna said:

    @ cheetara

    Wow, impressive. I can say you will make a few gold from the effort you put into obtaining those items :)

    Also keep in mind that there is a 7-day expiration timer on the gifts, so make sure you keep them in your mailbox so they won’t expire (I think this still works) on you while you are looking for buyers.

  • Cheetara said:

    yeah they are all in the mailbox :) I am so silly!


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