DeathfrostSounds cool doesn’t it? It is the name of one of the new enchanting recipes for 2.4 that drops in Sunwell. The Sunwell Plateauis the new instance that will be introduced in Patch 2.4, where you finish off the fight with Kael’thas from Tempest Keep: The Eye, and eventually fight the Eradar Demon Lord, Kil’jaedan. Here is the new Deathfrost enchant.

Hmm… is the proc worth it over the spell damage enchants? And does the proc benefit from you own spell damage bonuses? Looks like there is some testing to be done on PTR! So far it looks like it will be a good enchant to have for PvP.

Another new recipe that caught my eye is the new Meta Gem for Jewelcrafters to make. The meta gem is called the [Ember Skyfire Diamond] and it gives the following: +14 Spell Damage and +2% Intellect.

With the new changes to Mana Regeneration and how Intellect will affect it, this might be a worthy raiding Meta Gem.

I should also take this time and show you another great database website for everything WoW related. does a great job in organizing all the items and spells found throughout the game, and makes it look good too! Another thing I found on the site that is really neat is the Set Items is listed for every class. Here is the link for the Mage Set Items.


  • Cheetara said:

    I kinda feel like the whole sunwell instance is just random gear and drops… I hope it ends up being as cool as it should be!


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