Utada: Frosty Mage

FrostyIntroducing my main character Utada, Female Human Alliance Mage on the Ner’zhul server. My friends on Drenden, know me better as Geldin, the Male Alliance Gnome Mage.

Why a female character? No, not for getting more gold and loots from other players. It is because of the name I got for my character, and the fact that I’d rather have a female character in the middle of my screen all the time, as opposed to having a male character.

Why Human instead of Gnome? To be honest, I was going to be a Gnome Mage but the name “Hachiroku” was taken, so I decided on “Utada” the name of my Mage while WoW was on Beta Testing. Utada can’t be a Gnome! So shes got Diplomacy (best PvE racial imo), and a passive increase to Spirit, for PvE. For PvP, she has Perception, which is a huge help against any stealth classes. Plus she looks good in her gear as a female human.

Why does she have blonde hair? Yes, I know the real Utada has black hair. The reason for this is a personal preference.

Who the heck is Geldin?! Geldin is a friend’s mage that I play on when they are a bit short on raiders or need an arena partner. I raid with BRK and Doom in the same guild and help with raid progression as much as I can. I don’t play or raid as much as I would like to though on this mage, because four to five (thats including days on Utada) days of raiding a week would be too much WoW for me to handle.

I play mainly for PvE content, I PvP to gear up for Arena, and I arena for fun and semi-competitively. I have gotten as high as 1907 Rating in 3v3. I do all them while Frost spec’d, and have no problems in doing so. I have been playing WoW ever since Beta Testing, and I have been Frost spec’d ever since level 10, when I put my first point into Improved Frostbolt, and I have never looked back.

Yes, I raid as Frost. No, I have no problems with DPS. Yes, I have out damaged other Fire Mages. Yes, they had been equally geared or better. Yes, I’ve killed every boss from Ragnoros to Nefarian, from C’Thun to Kel’Thuzad, from Lady Vash’j to Kael’thas Sunstrider, and from Archimonde to Illidan Stormrage. Yes, I love raiding as Frost. Anymore questions? Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be arrogant, just trying to answer a few questions I normally get when I tell people I raid as Frost.

I am not claiming to know everything about Mages or World of Warcraft in general. I am not the best PvPer or the best raider. I do however have a bit of experience raiding and PvPing, so I can say I know “enough” to offer advice and help answer any questions.

Utada - PvE MainUtada - PvE Stats

Here is a look at my PvE Talent Tree. Arcane (10 Points): 2 Points into Arcane Subtley for AoEing (Area of Effect) with Arcane Explosion without pulling agro. 3 Points Arcane Focus mainly for Polymorph to not break early. 5 Points into Clearcasting to improve my mana efficiency. Frost (51): Pretty much all talents which increases Frost damage output. I went with Shatter for the AoE parts of instances and boss fights. Also it allows me to PvP without the need of respec’ing. Also I have 3 Points into Winter’s Chill and 1 Point into Frostbite because I currently raid with another Frost mage to help stack Winter’s Chill. If I was the only Frost Mage, I would normaly put 4 into Winter’s Chill, and none in Frostbite.

Utada - PvP MainUtada - PvP Stats

Here is a look at my Arena Talent Tree. Normally I won’t need to respec for arenas, but on days we feel like being competitive, I respec to get Improve Counterspell. It would give us a slightly better chance for when we need to lock out the healer for 4+ seconds when his teamate is about to die. I normally save my Counterspells for heals, but with this spec, it is a bit more forgiving if you Counterspell a bit too early, and still does something if you are a bit too late.

More random screenshots.

Utada - Fully LoadedUtada - Illidan

Utada - Major DomoUtada - RagnarosUtada - Dr. Evil

I will be posting tips and tricks in the future about playing as a Frost Mage, PvE, PvP, and Arena. Also if you have any comments or questions, go for it, I try my best to answer anything you may have.

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  • Lone said:

    Hello, I raid as 19/0/42.

    What do you think about this spec?
    If you want to check how I have distributed the points I am
    Hellscream (EU PVE)

    You are very welcome to comment that spec, or perhaps give me some pointers.
    I like the spec tho, Clearcasting and 30% mana regen is really useful in any long bossfight.
    (Which also means I can use Molten Armor instead of Mage armor where I would normally have to giving me that lil extra DPS)

    Thanks mate

    also, I like your blog very much

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    18/0/43 is a good spec for a Raiding Frost Mage if you find yourself going oom mana during boss fights. This could be just of lack of Shamans or SPriest in your group.

    What it is lacking is AoE, and Shatter. If you don’t do any PvPing, you should be fine with that spec.

    If you find yourself with a Shaman and/or SPriest in the future. Then Clearcast is usually enough for your mana to last for all fights.

  • Xrefer said:

    A few weeks back I switched from a similar build as your 10/0/51 to a 0/18/43 build since we started hitting SSC & toyed with a 9/41/11 build (which dropped my dps by almost 200) because I was under the impression that all phases of Hydross were immune to frost. In my Fire/Frost build mana is not that much of an issue do to regening mana from crits (although only 30% of base cost) & wise choices on when to pop mana pots & mana stones (with Sorcerer’s Alchemist Stone helps a ton). After reading this article, the one about Hydross, & spell haste, I will most likely be respecing again back to my heavy frost build or 18/0/43 build raiding spec. Thank you.

  • Eiswuerfel said:

    Hy Utada

    Can you please zip your UI and upload it somewhere..

    If you dont wanna do this, past the names of your addons please, because I like your Screenschouts and wanna make my screen just like yours…

    Thanks in advanced

    Greetings from Bosnia


  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Eiswuerfel

    Hey I have most of my UI listed and uploaded HERE. It is really outdated, and I’m hoping to have a new UI post up as soon as possible.


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