More Dragon Dancing

So I was running around Azeroth doing the boring Lunar Festival achievements where you have To Honor One’s Elders, and go to the point were I needed to start in Kalimdor. I decided to start at Gadgetzan, and took the portal there from Violet Citadel. My computer loads, and I mount up my character and ride towards the entrance to the cave. There I see a group of 5 Horde by the summoning stone which looks like they just finished getting their group together.

Uh oh, I am going to get ganked. There were two Death Knights, a Paladin, a Shaman, and some other class I don’t remember. I don’t blame them, it is a PvP server, and I would have done the same thing if I were them. Well maybe they didn’t see me yet cause they have slower computers and my character hasn’t showed up on their screens yet. Maybe I can ride right past them safely. Nope.

As soon as I rode past the group, I get Death Grip and get all these slowing debuffs on me. I Blinked away and popped Every Man for Himself. I see a friendly dragon nearby and make my way to him. It was my old, friend Anachronos.

Move over Steven Seagal, I am the new Chef in town.

I know the two Death Knights and the Paladin aren’t going to be friendly with him. The other two, maybe. As I ran over to the dragon, they managed to get aggro from him. With him and my Frosty Army, we were able to take out the whole group as they frantically took out my images thinking it was me, and tried to run away from my dragon buddy.

Being exalted with the Brood of Nozdormu finally pays off!

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