A Look Back: Repair Bills

Going through my folder of old screenshots, I found an old screenshot of me repairing my gear in Molten Core. I remember taking the screenshot because, “OMG look how high my repair bill is!”. Looking at it now, I wish my repair bills were that low!

Where does all the gold the repair bot collect go to?!

In the screenshot, my Mage was most likely in a mix of Tier 1 and Tier 2 gear. The repair bill was a little under 7g, but judging by how much total gold I have (22g), that was quite a bit back then.

I actually really liked how the Mage Tier 4 looked!

Then I found a more current screenshot of a high repair bill in The Burning Crusade. Judging by the picture, it looked like a long night of wipes of Archimonde. I can see [Tears of the Goddess] and Slow Fall hot-keyed on my spell bar. In the screenshot, I am wearing mostly Tier 4 and no Tier 5 (I skipped straight to Tier 6). My main PvE gear repair was 37g, and my PvP gear repair was 21g.

Why was my PvP gear broken too? Archimonde is a huge pain in the ass, and surviving is more important than DPSing. I think our first kill I was in full PvP gear. More on Archimonde at a later time.

I also noticed that I had more gold back in Molten Core than I did while doing Mount Hyjal! One of the big downfalls of raiding for epics. You farm gold on non-raiding days to spend on raiding days.

Looking at these screenshots makes me wonder how much repairs will be in Wrath of the Lich King. I know that gold is getting easier and easier to obtain, but I still cringe at the fact that there will most likely be 100g+ repair bills in the future.

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  • Nick S said:

    we were just talking about this today in ZA. when i mentioned that my warrior’s repair bills often run into double digits per wipe, the mage in the group was amazed.

    /sigh… i miss considering repairs a minor expense. those days are, sadly, probably over.

  • Baddie said:

    Unless you’re in full Sunwell gear it’s not costing double digits per wipe to repair plate. If you are in full Sunwell gear, wtf are you doing in ZA????

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    There is still a bit of gear in ZA that are still sought after by Sunwell Raiders. Take the spell caster trinket that Hex Lord drops for example. It is the third best trinket in the game (I still use it) and it won’t be replaced until I get the M’uru trinket.

  • Nick S said:


    1 wipe usually means a significant amount of collateral wear-and-tear in combat; just wiping without taking damage beforehand is usually more like 7 or 8 gold.

    i wish i was in sunwell… ;-)

  • Baddie said:

    My main is the main tank of a BT/MH guild, in a mix of t6 and off-set pieces. My repairs are 5-6g per wipe. That is what they are on Archimonde wipes when I can repair every time I zone in. Are you counting emotional damages:)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Haha. I think what Nick was referring to was the durability you take from just normally tanking mobs. I’m sure after tanking waves of adds in Mount Hyjal, you can see your durability drop even though you never die.

    I wonder how much durability a Paladin tank takes after doing waves of AoE tanking the ghouls.


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