New Poll: PvE Progression Status

Finally a new poll! So tell me, where are you at currently in your PvE progression? No need for an exact 4/5 Hyjal, 3/4 TK answer. Just seeing where most of the readers are at, so I can write up some stuff to help out. I am sure most of you are tired of just reading about what shiny new loot I just got, and would like something more informative.

As for where to put yourself in progression, I’d say, once you have three or more bosses on farm in the instances, you can say that is where you are in your PvE Progression. For example, if you have the first boss in Hyjal on farm, and first two bosses in BT on farm, then consider yourself a Hyjal/BT raider. If that makes any sense :P New poll should be located somewhere in the right side bar.

Here are the results from the last poll:

The poll only accounted for the last 500 voters, so it might not be as accurate. The majority of the readers are here for WoW, with some readers who are here for everything but WoW, and some who are here for everything. About 70% of all my posts have been about WoW so that sounds about right. Doesn’t mean I forgot about the rest of the Anime/Games readers, I have more stuff coming up. I just got to get off my lazy butt first.

Incoming WoW Posts:

  • Frost Mage Leveling Guide
  • Frost Mage PvE Guide
  • Frost Mage PvP Guide

Income Anime Posts:

  • Upcoming Summer Anime
  • Spring Anime Review
  • More Soul Eater stuff

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  • Typhoonandrew said:

    Our guild is doing ZA, TK, SSC and approaching about half way through each. My progression is different though as they raid when I can’t. So I’m just looking at t4 stuff from Gruul as the next raiding step, despite being totally geared up by Kara. In other words I run heroics and kara to get badges, so I can gear up that way.

  • Nick S said:

    as a guild, we’re stuck on kara/gruul/mag… players get geared, decide they’re too good, and leave the guild. over.. and over… and over…

    personally, i’ve cleared SSC and 3 bosses in TK, plus taken a few forays into MH, BT, and Sunwell, but my guild is nowhere near that level yet.

  • QQkitty said:

    =) Our guild is progressing into BT atm (working on bloodboil). I recently just respecced fire — I’ve been frost 10/0/51 all the way, last time I respcced was back in SSC days. From experience and wws comparison, I think in BT fire does not have such a significant advantage over frost any more. I do like frost better cos now i got more mana problem and such :S But anyhow, considering my fellow mages are both fire, I would say speccing fire does benefit the raid as a whole. After all it’s not about individual pew pew but team overall performance. Our GM and officers are doing a great job. They are not recruiting people blindly. Our core raider number is kept at roughly 30, which is quite low compared to other same-level guild. This way we get to raid with the same people every week and this is how raid supposed to be like.

    Also thanks heaps for your various posts on frost mage tips etc. Hope sooner or later I can get back to frost — once we reach a farming stage =)

  • Drynne said:

    Same as Nick above. My guild is on Kara/Gruul/Mag, we’ve attempted Void Reaver & Lurker a few times, but it seems when we get guild members geared, they leave to go to the guilds that are farther progressed to be “drug” through the content. We are a laid back guild of friends and are struggling to progress because of this…..according to beImba, most of our “core” raiders have the gear to be in BT/Hyjal, but we don’t have the experience or strats to get there (not to mention the commitment of a group of 25 peeps).

    Any advice?


  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Drynne

    The commitment of 25 players who want to work together to see new content is the biggest problem you will be facing. It is very hard to find 25 players who can dedicate a few hours a couple of days a week. It is one of the downsides of being in a Casual Raiding Guild. Some people are happy with just Kara/Gruul/Mag, while some will want to see more. Maybe you can work out a joint effort with another Casual Raiding Guild to tackle new content?

    Void Reaver and Lurker would be a step in the right direction for you guys, but if you haven’t already, ZA has very good loot that are on par with T5 content.

    And if your guildies are being burned out on seeing the same content over and over again, you may take a raid day off and venture into Mount Hyjal to give Rage Winterchill a try. It would be a nice change in pace, and the trash is actually fun in Hyjal. This way your Guild can see new content while the old members which /gquited sit in the Gchat of their new guild and watch from the sidelines.

  • Drynne said:

    Thanks Tuna!

    I will make those suggestions.



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