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Otakon 2009 Pictures!

Here are pictures from this year’s Otakon! There were a TON of people there at the convention this year. Over 25,000 people this year according to ANN. As always, there were a lot of cosplayers too!. Friend: Oooh quest givers from WoW! Me: ??? Friend: Over there to the left! See them?!

Otakon 2009!

Going to be gone this weekend. I will be nerding it up in Baltimore, MD again this year for good 'ol Otakon. Anime, Manga, Games, and a lot of cosplaying. Otakon, here I come! I will also remember to post pictures from this year's Otakon in a more timely manner. Not like last year's pictures where I just happen to finally get around to posting them... now.