So Megs from Out of Mana has recently just tagged me for this blog tag thingy, and frankly, I’m a bit creeped out. Like some mysterious force is playing tricks on me. That or Megan is using her demonic powers to mess with my mind.

So the premise of this blogtag is to go into your image folder, open up the 6th folder, and post your 6th image. Then tag 6 other blogs. Just yesterday, at the recommendation of my friend, I just started reading this Manga called 666 Satan, I kid you not. Okay, coincidence? Maybe. I open up my blog’s image folder, open up the 6th folder, and click on the 6th image.


Are you kidding me? It’s like she KNEW what the image was going to be. This image is part of my Hpwnwork Assignment post on Arena assignments. Who gave out this assignment? Yep, Megs. I hear she’s been seen disguised as a Holy Paladin lately. Don’t be fooled. She’s still a Warlock at heart.

Okay maybe I’m just a bit paranoid. I blame it on the movie, “The Number 23“, starring Jim Carey. Yea I thought the movie was pretty bad, but it makes you think…


So I took a look into my WoW Screenshot folder also (like many bloggers also have done for this tag), opened 6th folder, and looked at the 6th image. Maybe I am just being paranoid… right?

Oh yea, time to tag 6 other bloggers. Tag, you’re it!

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  1. megan February 19, 2009 10:29 am 


    megans last blog post..Close Call

  2. Leafshine: Lust for Flower February 19, 2009 8:21 pm 

    Sixth Son of a Sixth Screenshot…

    I’ve been tagged so often in the last few days that I feel like a rare spawn mob. I’ve been tagged by Phae and Bell and Gnomer and Northern Spiced Tuna Steak and possibly others…What do I have to do?……

  3.   We’ve Been Tagged! by Treebound Cat February 19, 2009 8:47 pm 

    [...] was tagged by Anna and Siha, who in turn were tagged by Spicy Tunas & Bell, who were both tagged by:   Braids, who was tagged by:  Critical QQ, who was tagged [...]

  4. magi February 20, 2009 3:05 pm 

    Haha. Yea I thought that movie was pretty stupid. I don’t know why I just don’t like Jim Carey in any serious role.

    Warlocks are scary, even though they’re not much of a threat to Mages anymore.

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