Week 5/27 – Recap

Ah Summer… the heat, the floating particles in the air, the itchy red eyes, and the high electricity bills. High gas prices, ice cream truck jingle heard everyday, and children playing loudly outside. What more can you ask for? Fortunately for me, the allergies hasn’t been too bad lately, and it has been raining a lot in the Philly area. Another good week for me.

World of Warcraft:

Eredar Twins finally down! Great accomplishment for the guild. Now we can start wiping on M’uru with the big boys!

Sadly on my slow and lazy server, we STILL haven’t unlocked the Epic Gem Vendor yet… As of last night it was at 98%. This morning at 99%. Hopefully by the time I finish this post, it will be opened.

Picture up top is a wallpaper created by one of the users at WoR. You can find your desired resolution and more wallpapers at: WorldofRaids.com

Video Games:

A new Street Fighter IV Trailer was release. This time showing a cool scene between old schooler Guile and newcomer Abel.