Android: Netrunner 2013 Season 2 Swag

Here is a quick look at what is up for grabs from the Android: Netrunner Season 2 Game Night Kits. I won these at a recent tournament that took place in Philadelphia, PA at Redcap’s Corner. It’s great to see that Android: Netrunner keeps getting bigger and more popular. It is also great that FFG is doing an awesome job with these Game Night Kits and prize support.

Season 2 Playmat:


Like with the other playmats I’ve gotten from the other LCG Regionals, it is a very quality made, standard size playmat. The picture used on the playmat was originally going to be used on the Creation and Control box art. It was later changed when the theme for the expansion changed. The art will now be used as the box art for the 3rd Data Pack in the Spin Cycle: Mala Tempora. The art is also being used on the card: Running Interference.

The artist is Liiga Smilshkalne, who has already done a few of the Android: Netrunner art. She is responsible for the awesome art on Battering Ram, Enigma, Uroboros, Kraken, Darwin, and Ichi 2.0; which we have today. Then her art will be on Pawn, Running Interference, and Grim; which we will get our hands on once the Spin Cycles are released. You can look at all her art on her deviant art page.

Alternative Art Cards:


The alternative art Scorched Earth looks simply awesome! Although a little bit overkill to take out what looks like a couple city blocks just to do 4 meat damage to the runner, the art is just fantastic. Just having this card in my possession made me clear out some influence points to put this in my deck. The art is by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, and you can view more of his art on his deviant art page.

Then we have the alternative art Kate “Mac” McCaffrey identity card. I love the art on this card. No offense to the artist of the original identity card, but this artwork is so much better. The art fits more with the “Digital Tinkerer” part of her identity. The art is by Viktoria Gavrilenko, and you also find more of her artwork on her deviant art page.

That is all the swag for now. With the upcoming Plugged-In Tour announced by Fantasy Flight Games, hopefully I’ll have some more swag posts in the near future.

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