The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Storage Solutions

Now that my collection is more up to date, where do I now store all my cards? I’m sure many of you out there have run into this problem yourself. The regular core set box only have room for so many cards before you fill up the included insert. If you take the insert out, you may be able to fit a lot more cards, but there isn’t anything to hold your cards in place, or keep them separated. So what is there to do?

9 Pocket Pages + 3 Ring Binders

This may seem like a great storage solution, but it may not be as good as you think. The great thing about this is that you will be able to look through all the cards in your collection very quickly, and easily. Flipping through pages, and being able to get a glance at every card is awesome. This makes putting together new decks a lot easier. You would be able to look through, and find cards that can benefit your deck.


Also, if organized correctly, you will be able to find any card you are looking for, much faster. You could have all Spirit Events, all in the same binder, and ordered by set. Or all Tactics Equipment, also stored in its own binder. Or maybe you can have all the entire Shadows of Mirkwood set, all together in the same binder.

The problem with the Lord of the Rings LCG is that there are going to be many, many cards; and if you go down this route, it can get very costly. You’re going to buy many pages, and will have a few binders as well. Also since each card comes in multiples of threes, you wouldn’t be able to use both sides of the 9 Pocket Page, unless you really want to cram 6 cards into each pocket.

Also with many binders, it will be inconvenient to lug those binders around if you have to travel. But just as a storage solution, keeping it on your bookshelf is not bad. Another bad thing is that you will have nowhere to put your Quest and Encounter Cards. It would be a pain in the butt to have to take each card out of the pockets everything you want to play a particular quest.

Overall, this storage solution is a decent one in my opinion. You would be able to browse through your collection easier, but it will be costly. A pack of 100 Pages will cost you around $15-$20, and binders are around $5-$10, depending on the size of the binder.

Not only that, this can also take up a lot of space depending on how many binders you’ll have. Also, you would be able to store your Quest and Encounter Cards either.

Mr. Craft’s Gaming Inserts

Another great option to have are these gaming inserts created by Mr. Craft from over on BoardGameGeek. The “Series 5″ insert is what you will be looking for, and also comes with 15 Dividers. The insert is made to fit inside your existing Core Set box, and provide you with three rows to hold your cards. The insert itself is wooden, and the dividers are clear acrylic.


They require a bit of assemble, and a bit of glue, but once you have everything together, you have a very nice, cheap, and sleek looking storage solution. The cost of this storage solution is 16 Euros, or around $20. Not too shabby!

You can use the dividers to keep your collection in order; have all the equipment in one area, events in another, etc. If you’re traveling, you only have to carry this one box with you, and have all the cards you need. Plus everything just looks really nice.

There are some negative aspects to this solution however. Unlike the binder solution, if you want to just browse through your cards, you will have to take out a whole stack of cards, and go through them one by one. Another big negative is that the cards might not even fit, depending on what kind of card sleeves you are using.

Here is a quote from his description:

Ultra Pro “Standard” “Pro Fit”: 64mm x 89mm
I find that the card edge is flush with the edge of the sleeve with these.

KMC “Perfect Fit”: 64mm x 90mm
Mayday “Premium”: 66mm x 90mm
These are thicker sleeves, and when the card is fully inserted there is a 1mm space on the inside end so the card edge is also more or less flush with the edge of the sleeve.

Ultra Pro “Deck Protectors” 66mm x 91mm
Pretty much a perfect fit for your inserts

Dragon Shields: 66.5mm x 92mm
These “almost” fit in your frames without the cards being at a slight angle. If there is any way to make the long fixed dividers thinner then these could be a perfect fit.

Ultra Pro Regular: 68mm x 93mm
These are thin enough to where they actually fit with some bending of the sleeve only.

Fantasy Flight: 67mm x94mm
These are great sleeves but the cards are at so much of an angle I would fear the would become warped over time.

If you don’t sleeve your cards, this won’t affect you. But if you do, you might want to check if your sleeves will fit, or you might find yourself having to re-sleeve all your cards. As for myself, I using the Ultra Pro “Deck Protectors”, so this would be a perfect solution for me. I haven’t bought one myself yet, but I am putting in an order in the near future.

Again, you can find them here at BoardGameGeek. Just send Mr. Craft a message of what you would like. Keep in mind, that he can be very busy, and has other priorities.

Trading Card Storage Boxes

Then you have a cheap and simple route, Trading Card Storage Boxes. If you played any card games like Magic or Pokemon, you should already be familiar with them. They are plain white boxes, that are made for storing cards. Simple as that.


They vary in all different sizes, depending on what you need. Even for a big 4 row box, which holds about 5,000 cards, will still only cost you around $15. The small ones will only cost a couple of bucks. I usually use a small one, for when I need to travel, and only need to bring my deck. Even with your cards sleeved, they’ll still fit in the boxes.

Now for the negatives. Unless you label your boxes, you will have a hard time finding the exact card you need, unless you go through them one by one. If you go with the many small box route, then you’ll find yourself needing a lot of them. When you have a lot of them, it is going to be hard to lug them around wherever you go. Even if you’re just going to keep them at home, they’ll take up some space.


If you go with the big box route. Then it still going to be difficult to travel with. The box is pretty big, and will also take up a lot of space. With the help of dividers, having the big box can have your cards pretty organized.

You can find these at your local game shop, or you can find them pretty much anywhere online.

Modified Core Set Insert

The last, but not least storage solution, is to actually modify the existing Core Set Insert. It is also very very simple to do, and will still look great. All you need is the existing game insert from the Core Set.


You then just invert the game insert, so that instead of having one row to hold cards, you’ll have two rolls. You will need to cut off the side tabs so that it fits correctly into the box. The best thing about this, it still has the Lord of the Rings logo, and the picture of Gandalf. Oh, it also cost you zero!


If you don’t cut off the side tabs, the tabs will push out, and the insert won’t hold its square shape. Just take a pair of scissors and snip them off. Easy.


Once you have the tabs cut off, the insert will sit perfectly square, and you can put your cards into the rows. Again, we will have another sleeve problem with this solution. If you’re using Ultra Pro’s sleeves, they fit perfectly. If you’re using the FantasyFlight sleeves, they fit, but a little bit snug. You won’t notice it bending the sleeves or anything, it’ll just feel really snug.


So what I did was replaced all my FantasyFlight sleeves, with Ultra Pro’s sleeves, and everything fits perfectly. There was even room to put my token holder. Now I’m all set to take this box wherever I need.

This is what I’m using right now, and I have the first two Adventure Pack cycles plus the big box expansions in here. I am probably going to order Mr. Craft’s solution, and give that a try, since it would be able to hold more cards. Maybe I’ll do a bit of both since I have two Core Set boxes.

If there any other solutions out there that you have, please let me know! I always like looking at creative ways players have come up with to store their precious games.


  1. Mårten September 26, 2013 4:35 am 

    I’m actually looking at 9-pockets plus binders.
    The big questions is, WHICH binder?
    There are so many to choose from it seems…

  2. Tuna October 11, 2013 4:19 pm 

    I picked up regular cheap binders from Office Depot. Picked up a binder for each sphere. No need to get fancy… unless you want to :)

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