A Lord of the Rings LCG Haul

I tried out the game, bought a core set, and very much enjoyed the game. I wanted more, but was having a hard time finding Adventure Packs for the first cycle, Shadows of Mirkwood. The second cycle, Dwarrowdelf, was easy to find; as was the third and latest cycle, Against the Shadow.


Some of the Adventure Packs from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle were going for as high as $80 online, and couldn’t be found in any physical store. Checking the status on Fantasy Flight Game’s website (now) shows that the first cycle is going to be reprinted, and will be available around August. In May, when I had purchased the core set, I don’t think there was a set date yet, so I didn’t know how long I had to wait, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to pay $80 per Adventure Pack either.

I really wanted to play more of the Lord of the Rings LCG outside of the core set, but I also didn’t want to play it out of order. I didn’t want to play the Dwarrowdelf cycle without playing the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle first. So what was I to do? eBay it is!

My original plan was to find another Core Set for cheap (so I can play with 3-4 players), and grab any Adventure Packs from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle that I could find for under $20. I found a few Core Sets that were maybe $5 cheaper than retail, but for that, I’d rather spend the extra $5 and support my local store and also not have to wait for shipping. A week or two goes by with no luck, and I was contemplating or just skipping the first cycle and into the Dwarrowdelf cycle.

Then I see a new listing. Someone was selling off their entire The Lord of the Ring: The Card Game collection. Whaaaaat!? The collection included a copy of the Core Set; the entire Shadow of Mirkwood cycle; the big box expansion for Dwarrowdelf along with all the adventure packs for that cycle as well; one of the big box Hobbit expansion; and also one of the Gencon promotional adventure pack. The best news, the price of everything together, was less than retail!! Had I bought all the $80 adventure packs earlier, this collection would still have cost a lot less! Shipping cost? Free!! SOLD! I clicked “Buy it Now”, and it is mine!


Nothing about this deal looks bad. The description shows that the owner was very good with his cards, and had all of it sleeved, and stored to prevent any sort of damage. He even had all the original packaging for the adventure packs, except for three from Shadows of Mirkwood cycle but insured me that the cards were there. The Dwarrowdelf expansion and adventure packs were also still unopened and sealed.

This collection was absolutely perfect for me. I got everything I wanted, in one package, and for cheaper than I was what I was going to spend. I also didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount for the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, or did I have to wait for the reprints from FFG. Another good thing was, all the cards came sleeved too.

Now I am all set. I have enough cards, tokens and markers for 1-4 players now. I am also caught up to the recent expansion cycle. I see a lot of my game time dedicated to Lord of the Rings LCG in the near future. The only problem I have now is, “Where am I going to store all these cards now!?”.

Don’t worry, I have a solution to that real soon.

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