Android: Netrunner 2013 Regional Swag

Here is a close up look at some of the swag I’ve gotten so far from 2013 Regional Tournaments for Android: Netrunner. Here is the usual breakdown for prizes given out at tournaments:

  • 1st Place – Regional Champion Trophy, free entry into the World Championship Weekend, a set of Plastic Affiliation Cards
  • Top 2 Places – An alternative playmat, a set of Plastic Affiliation Cards
  • Top 8 Places – Full-color Project Beale Playmat
  • Top 16 Places – A set of 7 Regional Click Tracker Tokens
  • Last Place – A deck box or playmat from a previous tournament

So far, the only tournaments I’ve attended this year is the one in Philadelphia, PA at Redcap’s Corner, and the one in New Holland, PA at Six Feet Under Games. Tournament report for the New Holland Tournament some time in the near future.

Click Tracker Tokens:


These Click Trackers are made of acrylic and have the Click symbol on them. There are 3 blue ones for the Corporation, and 4 red ones for the Runner. They are the same size as the cardboard click trackers that come with the core set.


You can see that they are clear, and on the back, there is no Click symbol. The way I keep track of my Clicks during games is, when my turn starts, I have all symbols showing. As I spend my Clicks, I turn each tracker face down to represent how many Clicks I’ve used so far. Much better than using the Click Tracker Card that comes with the game.


The Click Trackers are about 1/8 of an inch thick, and are pretty durable. They’re great, and I’ve been using them ever since I’ve gotten them.

Project Beale Playmat:


Although I am currently not a fan of the NBN Corporation, I like the image used. If you’ve read my Star Wars LCG Swag post, other than the image, the playmats are exactly the same.

Unfortunately, that is all the swag I’ve acquired so far. I’ve had my eyes on the Plastic Identity Cards for awhile, but had no luck in getting them yet.

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