Runner-up in the Star Wars LCG 2013 Regionals

Fantasy Flight Games had kicked off their 2013 Regional Tournaments earlier in April, featuring some of their popular games. Out of all the games which had a Regional Tournament, I only play the Star Wars LCG, Star Wars: X-Wing, Android Netrunner LCG, and a Game of Thrones LCG.


I got into Star Wars: X-Wing a little too late, and have missed pretty much all the Regional Tournaments that are near me. The one I could have attended to, I had a wedding to go to, so I missed out. Maybe next year! However, I managed to find a Regional Tournament near my parent’s house last weekend, and also happen to be visiting my parents. Perfect timing! So this is how things turned out.

So the night before the tournament, I put together a Sith Control deck, and a Rebel Speeders and Shield deck.

Imperial Navy (Core)


Total Objective Sets: (10)

2x Fall of the Jedi (Core)

  • Darth Vader (Core)
  • Dark Side Apprentice (Core)
  • Vader’s Lightsaber (Core)
  • Force Choke (Core)
  • Heat of Battle (Core)

1x Counsel of the Sith (Core)

  • Advisor to the Emperor (Core)
  • Kuati Security Team (Core)
  • Sith Library (Core)
  • Dark Precognition (Core)
  • Twist of Fate (Core)

2x The Emperor’s Web (Core)

  • Emperor Palpatine (Core)
  • Emperor’s Royal Guard (Core)
  • Sith Library (Core)
  • Force Lightning (Core)
  • Force Choke (Core)

1x Cruel Interrogations (Core)

  • Interrogation Droid (Core)
  • Interrogation Droid (Core)
  • ISB Interrogators (Core)
  • Intimidated (Core)
  • Interrogation (Core)

1x Imperial Command (Core)

  • Admiral Motti (Core)
  • Duty Officer (Core)
  • Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (Core)
  • Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (Core)
  • Orbital Bombardment (Core)

2x The Killing Cold (The Desolation of Hoth)

  • Icetromper (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Icetromper (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Fear (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • The Desolation of Hoth (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Twist of Fate (The Desolation of Hoth)

1x Shadows on the Ice (The Desolation of Hoth)

  • Wampa (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Wampa (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Succumb to the Cold! (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Succumb to the Cold! (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Battle of Hoth (The Desolation of Hoth)


Pretty standard Sith Control deck. I’m using the Imperial Command Objective Set to add more resources to the normally low Sith decks. Lots of Focus oriented characters to keep the Light Side from attacking. Use Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine to keep the Balance of the Force on the Dark Side, as well as to take out objectives.

Rebel Alliance (Core)


Total Objective Sets: (10)

2x The Defense of Yavin 4 (Core)

  • Red Two (Core)
  • Y-Wing (Core)
  • Astromech Droid Upgrade (Core)
  • Hidden Outpost (Core)
  • Rebel Assault (Core)

2x Fleeing the Empire (Core)

  • Leia Organa (Core)
  • Fleet Officer (Core)
  • Stolen Plans (Core)
  • You’re My Only Hope (Core)
  • Twist of Fate (Core)

2x Mobilize the Squadrons (Core)

  • X-Wing (Core)
  • Rookie Pilot (Core)
  • Trench Run (Core)
  • Rebel Assault (Core)
  • Covering Fire (Core)

2x Hoth Operations (The Desolation of Hoth)

  • Wedge Antilles (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Rogue Three (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Snowspeeder (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Hoth Survival Gear (The Desolation of Hoth)
  • Target of Opportunity (The Desolation of Hoth)

2x Preparation for Battle (The Search For Skywalker)

  • Hoth Scout (The Search For Skywalker)
  • AAC-1 Speeder Tank (The Search For Skywalker)
  • AAC-1 Speeder Tank (The Search For Skywalker)
  • Tauntaun (The Search For Skywalker)
  • Shelter from the Storm (The Search For Skywalker)


Using the Preparation for Battle Objective Set as a starting point, I put together a deck full of cheap vehicles and shielding units. While shielded, units are invulnerable to damage while the Death Star Dial is at 4 and below. While the Death Star Dial is at 8 and above, shielded units gain an additional objective damage icon.

Decks Created with


I got to playtest a little bit with my cousin, and the decks feel pretty good. I go to sleep early feeling good. The next day, I wake up pretty late, and had to call my cousin over to pick me up. The game store is about 15 minutes away from my parents house, so it is not bad at all. Had to skip breakfast and lunch though. I wanted to get there a bit early just in case they needed a decklist filled out or something.

The tournament was held at Jester’s Playhouse, located in Northfield, NJ. A great looking store, with lots of room for gaming, and awesome guys working there. The tournament starts at 2PM, and I get there at 1:30PM. The tournament prizes are the following:

  • 1st Place – Regional Champion Trophy, free entry into the World Championship weekend, Balance of the Force coin
  • 2nd Place – Balance of the Force coin
  • Top 8 Places – Full-color Star Wars: The Card Game playmat
  • Top 16 Places – Full set of alternative art Affiliation Cards
  • Last Place – Darth Vader Star Wars: The Card Game deckbox

So I get to the counter and tell the worker that I’m here for the Star Wars tournament. There was a $10 entry fee, and I sign in. Only one other person so far! I thought to myself, “If no one else shows, I could get 2nd!” There was no decklist required, so I just walk around the store for a bit, browsing the goods that are available. 15 minutes later, a group shows up. They’re also here for the tournament. Guess I’ll have to earn my prizes!

There were a total of 8 players for the tournament. Good news if you are here for prizes like me. Bad news if you wanted a bigger turnout to play more games. Since I was pretty new to the game, I was just hoping to get the last place prize, the Darth Vader deck box.

Looks like the group that just showed up were not as prepared at all. They were still sleeving their cards, throwing their decks together. A couple of them bought a force pack each. Wait a minute… That force pack looks very different… Was there a new force pack just released? Doh! The remaining packs are all gone, and I have no idea what cards to expect from them. Oh well.

Time for the tournament to start, and pairings has been announced. Each paring has 70 minutes to complete two matches, once as each side of the force.

Round 1:

I forget the names of everyone I’ve played, but I have some memory of what they’ve played. My first match was against the only female in the tournament, so she was easy to find. She was still frantically putting together her deck and still trying to sleeve everything when I sad down across from her. Time has already started, and she still wasn’t read, but I didn’t really mind. I was just here to have fun and maybe go home with some swag.

Maybe 10 minutes go by until she was finally ready. She let me choose which side to go first, so I chose the side I was more comfortable with, my Dark Side. She was running a Smugglers and Spies deck. First turn I got a few Storm Troopers and an Interrogation Droid. I committed the Droid to the Force and ended my turn. She played a couple of small units and attacked an objective. I was able to win the edge battle and take out her units before they can attack.

MVP of Round 1

Things were pretty much like that until I got Palpatine out I think turn 3 or 4. When he was down, she couldn’t do anything at all. I used him defensively and let my little units do objective damage every turn. She had Han Solo out at some point, and he was able to take out a few of my little units. He got Force Lightning’d the next turn though. I took out two objectives bringing the Death Star dial to 12, while she wasn’t able to take out any objectives at all. +2 Match Points

There was 2 pairings that were done with both matches when we started our 2nd match. Uh oh, we better hurry. She was playing a Sith control deck. I don’t really remember any of my Light Side matches. I shielded stuff, and tried to blow stuff up. She tried to control stuff. I blew up an objective, she also did the same. The dial was at 6 when time was called. Tie-breaker was amount of objectives destroyed, which was also a draw. So the match ended in a draw. +1 Match Point

Round 2:

Awesome, my first competitive match, and I get a win! I’m at 3 Match Points, and am currently tied for 2nd place. Not bad. Round 2 pairings has been announced, and I am paired up with, my last opponent’s boyfriend. Well at least I didn’t have to move very far. I scooted over to the left and face my next opponent. We roll dices to see who gets to pick what side to go first. I roll higher, and of course, choose Dark Side.

He was running a Rebel Hoth Deck with shielding and also the Objective Set with Subzero Defenses; which destroys the first target to attack a Hoth Objective. What? So that pretty much made me play more defensively than I normally do with Sith. He was able to take out an objective pretty early, then I was able to get Palpatine out and shut him down. After sacrificing a few Stormtroopers, I was able to take out an objective, and get the dial to 12. Winner! +2 Match Points

MVP of Round 2

2nd match starts. He plays Imperial Navy with Star Destroyers. He uses his early game to put out a few small units/resources. I was able to get out Wedge and Rogue 3. I was able to take out two objectives fairly quickly before Wedge was taken out. I remember him getting down a Devastator, and I was able to Twist of Fate twice, and win the Edge Battle with my tank, and focus him out for a turn. That wasn’t enough though, and he was able to take out two objectives when time was called. Death Star Dial was at 9, and once again I’m tied on objectives destroyed also. +1 Match Point

Round 3:

Wow, I’m doing pretty damn good. Since there were only 8 players, it was announced that we would only play 3 rounds. So this will be the last round of the tournament. I am now at 6 Match Points, and I am currently in 2nd Place. So for the final round, I am paired with the player that is currently in 1st. He is currently at 8 Match Points, so that means he won each game with both Sides of the Force. This is going to be fun.

We did a coin toss, and again I win, and again I choose the Dark Side. He is playing some sort of Jedi deck. I actually can’t recall anything else from his deck because of how fast the match ended. We both draw our starting hands, and we both mulligan, re-shuffle, cut, and draw again. I see Darth Vader, I am happy.

For my first turn, I plop down Vader, and commit him to the force. He just shakes his head. He throws down three 1 health guys, I use Force Choke on one, which activates Vader’s ability to do a damage to another. He has only one unit so he ends his turn. My 2nd turn, I draw some Storm Troopers and Vader’s Lightsaber. Good game. Darth Vader now has Targeted Strike, and I was able to clear his side of the board and do some objective damage. I keep my Storm Troopers for defense.

He threw down Yoda at some point, but he was killed by my Storm Troopers after he lost the Edge Battle. Vader was able to pretty much take out 3 Objectives, and got the Death Star Dial up to 12 pretty fast. Whoo hoo! +2 Match Points

MVP of Round 3

At this point, he was at 8 Match Points, and I was now at 8 Match Points. Next game will determine the winner. Sadly, I couldn’t play the Dark Side again, and had to play my Light Side deck. We begin our match, and he is playing Imperial Navy. He reveals his Objectives and has 2x A Dark Time for the Rebellion. Well that is new to me. Each of those Objectives also does 1 damage to a unit or objective that I control, during his refresh phase. Whaaaaa!? The good news is, I have the Fleeing the Empire objective out, which lets me place a shield token on a unit or objective during my refresh phase.

So his turn 1, he has already did a damage to two of my Objectives already. He puts down Motti and commits him to the force. The rest is kind of a blur. He got a Star Destroyer out quickly and was able to take out an objective. My next objective was another Feeling the Empire, so those canceled out his A Dark Time for the Rebellion. I was able to take out two objectives until he go out the Devastator, and took out two more of my objectives and with the match. +0 Match Point

So he ended up winning the tournament at 10 Match Points, to my 8 Match Points. At least I handed him the only loss he had of the tournament. My opponent was a really cool guy. We talked a bit after the match. Dark Side seems to be doing way better than the Light Side. He pointed out some errors that I’ve made during the last match. I could have extended the match to one more turn had I focused his Probe Droid which was committed to the force, allowing my Tauntaun, which was also committed to the force, to win the Balance of the Force. So the Death Star Dial would have been at 11, instead of 12 at the end of the last turn.

He still had a lot of units up for defense, but who would have known what I could have drawn into my hand next turn? Oh well, not bad for a guy who was just aiming at getting last place right?

Conclusion of the Tournament:

The force was strong with me, and I ended up getting 2nd Place, receiving the Balance of the Force coin, which is pretty cool. It is made out of some metal, and has real weight to it. To anyone out there who are familiar with Pogs, it feels like a slammer.

Since there were only 8 participants in the tournament, everyone will receive a playmat! Awesome. Not only that, we will all each receive two copies of each of the alternative art Affiliation cards. Double awesome!

The deck box went to whoever came in last. Funny how the only thing I came for, I didn’t get. The trophy and the free weekend pass to the World Championship, went to our last opponent. After seeing that trophy, I really really really want one.

After searching the Regionals List, I found that there is another Regionals in June that is coming up. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Philadelphia, but that looks like my last chance to get that trophy. That is going to be on June 15th, at Six Feet Under Games, in New Holland, PA.

But before I get into Star Wars: The Card Game again, there is another regional coming up. It is for Android: Netrunner, and this one will take place on my home turf in Philadelphia. This one is at Redcap’s Corner, and is expecting over 20 players. Yikes! While I have a wee bit more experience with Netrunner than I do with Star Wars, the competition is a lot tougher. I have already played against a few of the Philly Netrunners, and they all know their stuff. June 8th is going to be very interesting. Be on the look out for that tournament report when that day comes.

Until next time. May the Force be with You!


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