Blizzard Buffs Arcane Powder!


So before Patch 3.0.8, I always carried with me at all times, two stacks of [Arcane Powder] (40). I always throw down a table in BG’s or instances, and always buff with my Dalaran Brilliance. Yes I even overwrite an existing Mage’s Arcane Brilliance if it is already up. I like this icon better! I even have my Cryolysis3 mod auto restock my Arcane Powders back to 40 whenever I visit a Reagent vendor.

When I logged on, I noticed that my two stacks of 20 [Arcane Powder] was now one stack of 40. Oooh a free bag space! I went to the Reagent vendor to see how much they now stack to. [Shift] + [Left Click] the Arcane Powder and saw that it now goes up to 100! Not a big buff, but I do enjoy freeing up bag space!


  1. magi January 22, 2009 3:53 am 

    Although I still have a good amount of bag space left, great buff indeed!

    I also noticed that you have all (or mostly) 22 Slot bags on your character, yet your Backpack still isn’t empty. I have all 20 Slotters and I have the backpack and a whole bag free. Makes me really curious of what you carry around all the time!

  2. Aurdon January 22, 2009 2:41 pm 

    Every time i turn around i see something else that was unlisted in the patch notes….my DK mount icons swapped…was kinda confused at first.

    What I like best about the dust stacking is you can buy 100 and then turn off an auto restock mod. They usually don’t take up much memory but still less mods the better.

  3. Meg March 24, 2009 9:50 pm 

    I love that you have all “Gigantique” bags! Haha!

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