WotLK Beta Testing: Blizzard

I’ve already talked a bit about how Blizzard was affected by Fingers of Frost in an earlier post, now I will show it to you. I also loaded some mods onto the Beta account, so now I have Recount to record some data while I am testing out some stuff.

As you may know by now, in the WotLK Beta, Blizzard ticks can now critically strike. Untalented, it will critically hit at the rate of your Frost Crit %. Blizzard is affected by many talents which will increase the crit rate even further.

Download to better video version HERE. (4.6mb)


Blizzard with Fingers of Frost Proc’d

After testing the critical strike percentage using Recount, when I cast Blizzard while having the Fingers of Frost buff, I got around 45-55% critical strike % on the Blizzard ticks. My passive spell crit % with gear is 26%. Download to better video version HERE. (6.5mb)

3/3 Improved Blizzard with 3/3 Frostbite and 2/2 Fingers of Frost (not proc’d)

As you can see here, with Improved Blizzard and Frostbite, it substantially increases the critical strike % of the Blizzard ticks. The reason for this? For some reason, possibly unintended, the Frostbite procs seemed to have also proc’d or refreshed Fingers of Frost. The pushed my critical strike % up to 75-80%. Without Frostbite and Improved Blizzard, I haven’t had any success getting Blizzard ticks to proc Fingers of Frost. Download to better video version HERE. (27.2mb)

I also played around with the new Impact, which has a chance to proc off of ANY spells, and Blizzard is one of them. Right now, Blizzard seems very powerful on the Beta. Maybe a little too powerful. A fully talented Blizzard with all the bells and whistles, you have one heck of a spell.

Your Blizzard will slow down your targets by 85%, with a 15% chance to Freeze, 10% chance to Stun on each tick. All that on top of the 50+ Crit % of the Blizzard ticks. I tested it out on a group of mobs, and they never left the first Blizzard circle.


  1. Bro September 17, 2008 8:10 am 


    Did you test new frost spec ?

    Just wondering a good PVE spec when the patch will come out.


  2. Tuna September 17, 2008 11:11 am 

    @ Aurdon

    Yes these videos were with me in my Sunwell gear at level 70.

    @ Bro

    I think I will be going with THIS as my level 70 spec when the patch comes out. At level 80, I will most likely respec to include Focus Magic.

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