Week 7/22 – Recap

World of Warcraft:

It was stormy Sunday afternoon, around 3:00 PM. I restocked my Flasks, Potions, Oils, and farmed for 2 stacks of Basilisk food. I was all ready to kill M’uru/Entropius later that night. Then all of a sudden, internet and cable goes out. Yep, Comcast down! The most notorious boss in all of online gaming strikes again. I was without internet and television until the next morning.

I go on the Guild forums Monday morning to find out they have gotten M’uru/Entropius down… to 4%. I wish I could have been there. He/She/It dies this week definately!

Video Games:

I started playing Tekken 5 again. My roommate downloaded the online version on his PS3, so my free time has been spent playing that. Currently ranked at 1st Kyu using only Ling Xiaoyu.

Since I don’t have a PS3 online username thingy, I’ve been playing on his, which is Katsu1017. Looking for challengers!


The School Rumble manga ended… and the last chapter left me saying, “OmG wTF is this stupid $h!T? Arghh!” It felt like the author ended the series just to end it. The two chapters had NOTHING to do with the chapters before. It pretty much just skipped whatever story they had planned, and just said, “The End”.

I guess the good news is that they’re making School Rumble Z, but I have no idea if its going to continue the original series, or if it takes place some time in the future. Guess I’ll wait and see…

Otakon 2008 in two weeks! Gotta start saving money now, to buy new toys at the con.


Tuesday me and my other roommate took a trip up to the Lehigh Valley to go check out the Philadelphia Eagles’ Training Camp. We got there early at around 9:00 AM and it was already crowded.

It was fun going to come watch the team practice and run drills, and maybe get some autographs every year. The worst part is the heat, which wasn’t too bad, around 85 degrees.

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  1. krizzlybear July 31, 2008 7:28 am 

    WTB SFIV PST (seriously)

    i never got around to watching or reading school rumble, or at least the entirety of it. only watched the first season, and apparently i made a wise choice. gawd i hate it when writers cop out of their damn series at the end due to laziness.

  2. mcmagerson's July 31, 2008 11:18 am 

    Where do you find the best place to farm basilisk? my fishing is still low, so generally i farm talbuks for hit food in nagrand and use the AH and ‘trade’ for stacks of poached bluefish and come out 20g+ ahead.

  3. Tuna July 31, 2008 11:54 am 

    @ krizzlybear

    I hear ya. I looking forward to SFIV. Even with the horrible ending, School Rumble is still one of my favorite series. It gets repetitive but I somehow still find it hilarious. I pretty much expect bad endings for all manga/anime series nowadays.

    @ mcmagerson’s

    I go to Terokkar Forest to farm Basilisks. No fishing necessary. Start at Tuurem on the map, and go along the river towards Allerian Stronghold. There are tons of Basilisks along the river, so just continue along the river and circle around to Tuurem again, and repeat. Very easy to farm Basilisks here for Spell Damage food.

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