Video: Madrigosa vs Brutallus

Here is the video that some of you have been waiting for. It is the fight between Madrigosa and Brutallus in the Sunwell Plateau after you have freed Kalecgos from being controlled by Sathrovarr the Corruptor.

Download a clearer version HERE. It is about 25mb.

Watch as she battles to obtain information on the whereabouts of Aveena, while performing aerial Shatter Combos with her Ice Lances. WTB some of her frost abilities.

Again, here is the dialog spoken between Madrigosa and Brutallus:

Madrigosa: Hold, friends! There is information to be had before this devil meets his fate!
Madrigosa creates a wall of ice, preventing the raid from passing.
Madrigosa: Where is Anveena, demon? What has become of Kalec?
Brutallus: Puny lizard! Death is the only answer you’ll find here!
Madrigosa freezes Brutallus.
Madrigosa: You will tell me where they are!
Brutallus breaks free from the ice.
Brutallus: Grah! Your magic is weak!
Madrigosa traps Brutallus in an arcane barrier.
Madrigosa: Speak, I grow weary of asking!
Brutallus does battle with Madrigosa, eventually killing her.
Madrigosa: Malygos, my lord! I did my best!
Brutallus: That was fun, but I still await a true challenge!
Brutallus: Come, try your luck!
Brutallus roars, shattering the ice wall.

Man all this work to save this girl. It better be worth it!

Here is an Exclusive screenshot of when you finally defeat Kil’jaeden and save her!

:) Well I hope you at least enjoyed the video :)

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  1. FlashstepNine April 15, 2008 9:18 am 

    That was a pretty cool video. I Soooo want to be able to try out Sunwell Plateau sometime. It sucks that I didn’t get to see any of Naxx before Burning Crusade. Thanks for the video!

    LOL @ the Mario picture! Good stuff.

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