4th New Character for Street Fighter: IV

sf4-logo.jpgThe fourth new character revealed is a Rufus, a fighter who seems to have quite a few martial art moves, however no information of his story or country of origin have been revealed yet by Capcom. He is quite quick and agile for being rather rotund in appearance.

My first impression when I saw Rufus was, “Not another grappler fighter… we just got two more of those.” but he turned out to be a quick an agile fighter. His moves consists of an array of acrobatic somersaults, spinning kicks, and flurries of fists. Something you would not expect coming from what looks like a carnival clown.

It also looks like Capcom took some notes from Team Ninja on “Jiggle Physics“, but it looks like they forgot to jot down the side note: “on female characters only”. It is a shame Capcom chose to use in on their new acrobatic circus freak. His enormous belly flowed with every jump, kick, or punch. It’s rather… hypnotizing…

Gameplay video of Rufus: